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Q: How many football clubs is peter crouch sponsoring?
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Who has Played for 3 premier league clubs?

Peter Crouch

How tall are football players?

peter crouch

How many Premier League clubs has Peter Crouch played for?


Who is the talliest football player in the UK?

Peter Crouch

Which player has played for the same manager at 5 different clubs?

peter crouch

What 6 premiership footballers have scored for 5 different football clubs?

nick barnby, andy cole, peter crouch,craig bellamy, marcus bent

Tallest football player in EPL this season?

peter crouch

Who was tallest world cup football player?

peter crouch

What is Peter Crouch's middle name?

The middle name of Peter Crouch (who is an English football player who plays for the Premier League Club in Stoke) is James. His full name is Peter James Crouch.

Who is the number 9 for England?

well... if its for soccer (football) then its Peter Crouch.

Who wears number 9 for England football team?

peter crouch

Why is peter crouch bad at football?

because he's very lanky

What football team does peter crouch play for?

Peter Crouch plays for Stoke City after he moved from Tottenham Hotspurs on the last day of the Transfer Window.

What is the birth name of Peter Crouch?

Peter Crouch's birth name is Peter James Crouch.

Which football players have scored for six different premiership clubs?

Craig Bellamy Andrew cole Marcus bent les Ferdinand nick barmby robbie keane Peter Crouch

Spurs Qpr Aston Villa Norwich Southampton Liverpool Portsmouth?

Peter Crouch has played for all these clubs.

International footballer who has played for three different premiership clubs?

Peter Crouch. There are probably loads of others though.

Tallest football player premiership?

peter crouch and zat knight 1.98 metres

Who is the youngest ever football player in the world cup?

Peter Crouch aged 7.3

Where does peter crouch live?

we don't know where peter crouch lives

What position is peter crouch?

Peter Crouch plays as a striker for Spurs

Who wore a size 25 boot in football?

A guy with big feet. Probably Peter Crouch.

What is Peter Crouch's birthday?

Peter Crouch was born on January 30, 1981.

When was Peter Crouch born?

Peter Crouch was born on January 30, 1981.

How many premiership clubs has peter crouch played for?

Tottenham Hostpur, Aston Villa, Portsmouth, Southampton, Liverpool and Stoke City.