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Q: How many fans does Rangers Football Club have?
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How many fans support Albania in football?

The Albanian National Football Club FaceBook page says that there are approximately 279,000 fans

How many fans do Celtic and Rangers have worldwide?

"Recent research by Capita Consulting in conjunction with Cranfield Institute revealed that the club (Celtic) have 1.5 billion fans worldwide or more but rangers have more

How many fans do collingwood football club have?

As of 22/02/2011 the club has 53,244 paid up members for the upcoming season. The Collingwood page on Facebook has 111,915 followers. There is no definitive survey of how many fans football clubs have.

How many fans do Glasgow rangers and Celtic have worldwide?

As both are giants in Scottish football, their fan base is very large in Europe.

How many football fans are there in the UK?

There are millions of football fans in the UK.

How many fans do rangers have worldwide?


How many tottenham fans?

Tottenham hotspur football club has a world wide fan base of about 20 million

How many trophies has rangers won?

109 Major Trophies. More than any other Football club. Just like the champions CHAMPIONS RANGERS F CELTIC

How many ajith fans club in Tamil nadu?

Thala have morethen 85000 fans club, each fans club have 40 member.

Are Rangers FC worldwide?

Glasgow Rangers are based in Scotland, but have fans in many countries.

How many people attend home games of the Rangers Football Club?

at most of the games the stadium is full so round about 51100

How many fans does vijay have?

Vijay have 78000 registered fans club in south India, Ajith have 72000 fans club and Rajini have 68000 fans club in south india.

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