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Yes the Rangers fans did boo back to the Celtic fans!

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Q: When Rangers played Celtic after the one minute did the Rangers boo back to the Celtic fans?
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Players who played for both rangers and Celtic?

mo johnstone,mark brown and Kenny miller. Kenny miller is the only player to have played for rangers then to Celtic and now back at rangers

Who played for ipswich town and rangers fc?

Neil Alexander has played for both. Played for ipswich two years back and still plays for Rangers.

Will there ever be another Celtic v rangers match?

yes there will be because Rangers are coming back from the 3rd division to beat those scum and reclaim the SPL for the 54th time.Ps rangers didnt loose all theirn titles.

Has any footballer played for Rangers Celtic Manchester United and Manchester City?

No player has played for all four as far as im aware. The four players that i know that have played for both sides of the old firm are Mo Johnstone, Kenny Miller, Mark Brown and Stephen Pressely, there is someone else but i cant remember who. (Alfie Conn and Alec Bennet) I know andri Kanchelskis played for Man Utd and Rangers and is the has played in the Merseyside, Manchester and Old Firm derbys. Henrik Larsson for Celtic and Man Utd, Claudio Reyna Rangers and Man City.....That is all i can add. Manchester is a city that has had a herrible hurricane.barry robson also played for both Celtic and rangersAlfie Conn played for Celtic and Rangers.You have to go way back in time but George Livingstone, who played about 100 years ago as an inside forward, was on the books of all four clubs at one point. He signed for Celtic after spells with Hearts and Sunderland in 1901, but there's I can't fin any record of him ever playing a game for them. He left them pretty quickly to sign for Liverpool. Then Man City singed him in 1903 where he made 81 appearances. In 1806 he returned to Glasgow, this time as a Rangers player where he made 47 appearance scoring an impressive 20 goals. Then in 1909 he made his last move, which was to sign for Manchester United where he made 43 appearances. He later served Rangers as a trainer.That was the only player I could find who played for all four clubs, though strangely like I said he doesn't seem to have played a first team game at Celtic...

Who was the Rodriguez who played for Glasgow Rangers?

Julien Rodriguez back in 2005, big centre half!

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What is the oldest rivalry in sports history?

The first "Milan Derby", between A.C. Milan and Inter Milan, took place on October 18, 1908.This isn't even the oldest in football never mind sport generally. Rangers v Celtic has been played in Glasgow, Scotland since Celtic's formation in 1888.Scotland v England was first played in 1872The first ever international sports rivalry dates back to 1844 when USA played against Canada in a cricket match.

Who did the Rangers Legendary Morph into in the episode titled Earth Fights Back?

The Rangers Legendary morph into the S.P.D. Rangers in the episode titles Earth Fights Back.

Are the rangers back in MW3?

Yes, thankfuly the Rangers are still in Moderen Warfare.

Is the tradition of Halloween Celtic?

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