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Q: How many extra player in a basketball team?
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How many player in basketball team?

There are approximately 15 pplayers on each basketball team.

How many player r in a basketball team?


How many player in basketball?

5 players on each team

How many player in one team in basketball?

only 5 people can be on the court at once but you can have as many as you want on the team

How many player play basketball in each side of team?


How many player court one time in basketball?

Five per team.

How many people can play basketball?

5 people can be on a team you can also substitute for a player

Fouls in basketball?

Fouls in basketball are when a player makes aggresive contact to a player on the opposing team.

What is basketball screening?

A screen in basketball is when one man on your team free's up another player on your team by 'blocking' the defender as your teammate runs of the screen or 'block.' When setting the screen, you are not allowed to move your feet, otherwise it is an illegal screen and an offensive foul. After the screen has been set, the player is freed from his defending to dribble or shoot with extra space.

Does the player face their basketball hoop when jumping for the ball?

yes when jumping for a basketball the team player jumping faces their basketball hoop..

How many team players in basketball?

5 player form each team on the court at a time. But the team might have none or 10 subs on the bench

First basketball player in basketball history?

There can't be the "first" basketball player to play in the NBA or other leagues because basketball is a "team sport." But there are teams that are the first like Boston Celtics, and many others Check out this link it may be helpful

How much money does a professional basketball player a game?

The salary of a professional basketball player varies by team. The average salary of a pro basketball player is $5.5 million.

Is basketball a team or a solo sport?

Basketball is a team sport. At times one player can take over a game, but if the rest of the team does nothing, the team will lose.

Who is the best player on the basketball team in America?

The best basketball player in America according to stats is Michael Jordan.

How many team fouls in basketball?

there are 4 fouls for a team in basketball

What does the tallest basketball player do?

The tallest basketball player on a team is usually, but not always, the team's center. His job is usually to block shots, grab rebounds, and score near the basket. However, modern basketball has seen the rise of many very tall guards and forwards who can handle the ball and shoot from long range.

What is defensive player in basketball?

a player that is on the team without the ball. the team that is trying to get back or steal the ball from the offensive team is the defensive team.

How many in basketball team player?

There are approximately 15 pplayers on each Basketball team.

Is 62 talk for a basketball player?

6' 2'' is the perfect height for a basketball player and it will give your team a tall player to DUNK the ball

What does a team make from March Madness?

the winning team is rewarded with extra money for scholarships for recruiting high school basketball players to their team

A basketball team usually has two of these shorter player?


How many player in basket team?

To play a basketball team, each time must have 5 players to play (there are 10 on the court when playing for each team). But if you have a team it is recommended to have more so if a player gets injured or is tired they can be taken out.

How are you a team player?

A team player is somebody that actually contributes to the "team" and is not lazy. Someone who is willing to go the extra mile for the team.

How many players to a basketball team?

on the Syracuse basketball team there is 18 players