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Sept 6, 2008 O's @ A's that was not scheduled double header, was a make up game cause of rain out, and there have been many more doubleheaders since? including today (june 8,2009 tigers/whitesox) the question is when was the last "scheduled" doubleheader (beginning of season) and i have been looking into, but cant find exact year they stopped doing them? going by memory i belive selig and mlb stop scheduling them in the mid 90`s?? (remember ernie banks being saddened and outspoken on the matter)) doubleheaders were fans could attend both games! (good old days) fans have to pay twice to attend these makeup doulbeheaders and take 2 to 3 hours between games so they can clear out fans and clean up

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There is no set amount of double headers. It all depends on conditions of fields, and weather. If a game is rain delayed or cancelled, they league will set up a double header for the next time the teams meet.

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Q: How many double headers do major league teams play?
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