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A Fencing sword should only be used for the sport that it was made for- fencing.

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Q: How many different use's are there for a fencing sword?
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Which sport uses foil?

Fencing uses a foil (sword).

Another name for fencing sword?

The sport of fencing uses three different swords - * Foil - a light thrusting weapon; * Épée - a heavy thrusting weapon; * Sabre - a light cutting and thrusting weapon;

Which martial art uses types of weapons?

{| |- | Kobudo uses the traditional weapons of Okinawa. Iaido and Kendo use the swords of the Japanese Samurai. Fencing uses the sword. Kung Fu uses a wide variety of weapons. Even Tai Chi has sword forms. |}

How many uses are there for a sword?

Depends in what category; for example: in combat, there in limitless uses for a sword, maybe not smart uses, but uses nonetheless. In practical situations, swords have an infinite amount of uses, just like asking how many uses are there for a cog, knife, or screwdriver.

What is interesting about the sport of fencing?

Fencing is one of the longest-running sports in history. In addition to that, it is one of only four Olympic sports that has had a place in the Olympics every four years since the beginning of the modern Olympics. Fencing is not only a sport that uses swords, it uses three different kinds of swords.

Which sport uses a foil and a Sabre?


What sport uses the most technology?

I would say fencing because everytime the sword touches the opponent it registers with the computer and shows so you cant fence in a competitiion without technology

Who is the Marvel hero that uses a sword?

There are several. I can think of Black Knight, Spiral, Blade, Silver Samurai, Deadpool, Shattershot, Magik, Syr (and a bunch of other characters from Thor) and Nightcrawler uses a rapier (which is a fencing blade). There are a whole bunch!

What officials are in the sport fencing?

The official rules of sport fencing encompass everything from the length of games, also known as bouts, to the type of fencing equipment that each player uses. Even though rules can vary, depending on the type of sport fencing, most modern forms share a few common characteristics. In a fencing competition, individual members of fencing teams compete one on one with players from opposing teams. When a player touches an opponent with a fencing sword, that player earns a point. The team that receives the greatest number of cumulative points wins the competition.

What is the spanish word for the sword a bullfighter uses?

sword = espada

What sport uses leather gloves bells and hoods?


Which Olympic sport uses a 'sabre' weapon?

That would be Sabre fencing.

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