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There are approxomately six different styled pool tables which are mass produced, ranging from the traditional billiards table to the snooker and English table.

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when you are planning to have a lot of similar tables

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Q: How many different styles of pool tables are there?
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Where could one purchase portal Pool Tables?

Pool tables can be purchased at many stores. Sears and Sports Authority both offer many styles of pool tables one can choose from on their website. Home Leisure Direct has many to choose from as well.

Where can one purchase bumper pool tables?

You can purchase Bumper Pool Tables at Sears, Amazon and Target. American Super Sports and Sports Online have Bumper Pool Tables for sale. There are different models of the Bumper Pool Tables at these stores.

How many pool tables are there in the Pool Hall in bin weevils?

Bin Weevils is a video game, and playing pool there is not affected by the number of pool tables. However, the general layout is for 8 tables.

Does Walmart sell outdoor pool tables?

While Walmart sells indoor pool tables, they do not sell outdoor pool tables. However they do have indoor/outdoor tennis tables. They also sell covers for their indoor pool tables.

What are some pool table manufactures?

AMF Billiards, Olhausen Billiards and Brunswick Billiards all have quality pool tables. They sell lots of styles of tables in various price points so any consumer in the market is sure to find a table they like.

Do they have pool tables in cruise ships?

A lot of cruise ships have pool tables. So that is a "Yes"

How can I sell my used pool tables?

You can sell your used pool tables at Once there, select your location from the cities given. Listing your tables is free.

Are used pool tables worth the price compared to new pool tables?

Used pool tables, depending on the condition can sell for anywhere from $500-2000 dollars. A new pool table average about the same, but lack some of the characteristics of an older pool table.

Where can you find a wide range of cheap pool tables?

The Pool Tables commercial site seems to have the widest array of inexpensive pool tables. Discount Billiards and E Family Fun both also sell some tables for less than $2,000.

How many people have a pool table in the US?

It has been estimated that are about 3 million home pool tables in the US. The source of this apparently is related to the sales of about 200,000 new tables in the US every year.

How many bars have pool tables?

Although there is no count available, in the US the majority of bars have at least one pool table, with many having 2 or more.

Is there such thing as a 10 foot pool table?

The Brunswick made 10 foot pool tables from at least 1925 to 1940. There were others as well dating from that era and into the 1800's. There have been no new 10 foot pool tables available in the US for many years.