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Q: How many different players have caught touchdown passes from Brett favre?
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Who caught the most touchdown passes from Brett Favre?

antonio freeman caught 57 td passes

Who were the two Patriots players to catch touchdown passes in Super Bowls 38 and 39?

David Givens and Deion Branch caught TD passes in Super Bowl XXXVIII and Givens and Mike Vrabel caught TD passes in Super Bowl XXXIX.

Which wide receivers have caught touchdown passes in the super bowl for different teams?

Jerry Rice is the only one I know

Who was the leader in the number of passes caught for a touchdown in the 2005 Chargers season?

Antonio Gates with 10.

What is the most touchdown passes in a NCAA game?

27 touchdown passes

Who caught the touchdown pass against the rival Vikings that gave Brett Favre the all-time record for most touchdown passes?

greg jennings

Who caught touchdown passes for the Bills in Super Bowl twenty six?

Pete Metzelaars, Don Beebe

What Packers player caught the most touchdown passes from Lynn Dickey?

Paul Coffman. Coffman caught 35 TD passes from Dickey. James Lofton is second with 32 TDs from Dickey.

How many touchdown passes did Joe Montana throw?

he had 200 touchdown passes in his career

Which NFL player caught more touchdown passes than any other in the history of the NFL?

Jerry Rice

Who is only person to catch touchdown passes from Joe Montana and Brett Favre?

Harry Sydney caught a touchdown pass from Joe Montana in 1990 in a loss to the LA Rams. Harry also caught a touchdown pass from Brett Favre in 1992 in a win against the Detroit Lions.

What Bengals receiver who caught 2 touchdown passes in Super Bowl?

TE Dan Ross in Super Bowl XVI

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