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well there are many different types of Golf balls some are expensive and some of them are dirt cheap. the different brands of golf balls is hard to know because some are being used which you havent heard of. i say though on the PGA tour around about 10-15 different brands of balls are used. Examples, Nike, Callaway, Bridgestone, Srixon, Titliest, Top Flite not (flight) and many other brands of golf balls are being used which i probably don't know about.

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Q: How many different brands of golf balls is there?
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What brand of gold balls does Golf Town sell?

Golf Town sells many different brands of golf balls. These brands include Callaway Golf, Nike Golf, Bridgestone Golf, Titleist, TaylorMade, Founders Club, NHL, Polara Golf, Wilson Staff, Pinnacle, and Srixon.

What are the most popular golf balls amongst pro golf players?

I have found that there are many brands of golf balls, but some are more desirable than others. The top 3 brands used by pro golf players are Titleist, Nike and Callaway.

How many different golf balls are there?


What are the main golf ball brands?

There are many golf ball brands, but some of the best include: Dunlop, Nike Golf, Callaway, Taylormade, Precept, Volvik, Top Flite, and Wilson Golf. The are just a few of the top brands with quality golf balls.

What are the different types of golf balls sold by Titleist?

Titleist sells many different types of golf balls. These include the Pro series, the Tour series, the Velocity, and the Titleist DT SoLo. These golf balls feature different designs which cater to different playing styles.

How many golf balls can you fit in a basketball?

106 golf balls

How many golf balls can you have in your bag during a golf tournament?

== == You can carry as many golf balls as you want.

How many different golf bags does the Titleist website offer?

The website Titleist offers a large variety of golf bags from different brands. There are currently nine varieties of bags available and they all have different brands suited to the individual.

How many golf balls can you fit in the Super Dome?

356,000 million golf balls ;)

How many golf balls in a pound?

Approximately 5 golf balls could fit.

What is the weight of a golfball?

There are many companies out there that make many different golf balls, but by the rules in golf it can not weigh more than 1.620 ounces.

What is the answer to david has 6 dozen golf balls how many golf balls does he have?


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