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Q: How many cricket players have joined the Pakistan cricket premium league?
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When did virender sehwag joined to Indian cricket team?

Virender sehwag joined the Indian cricket team on April 1, 1999. He made his ODI debut on April 1, 1999 against pakistan.

When Pakistan joined SEATO?

Pakistan joined seato on 8 th september 1954

When did Pakistan joined the united nation?


When did Pakistan join CENTO?

pakistan joined CEATO in 1955 and left it in 1979

When Pakistan joined NAM?


Was cricket popular in south America?

No. A South-American country never joined cricket.

When did Pakistan join the United Nations?

Pakistan joined united nations on 30th September 1947

When did sachin joined in Indian cricket team?


When did Pakistan joined UN?

30th September 1947

Which county joined cricket county champion ship in 1992?


Which SA cricket team has joined the rajasthan royals franchis?

cape cobras

When for the first time Bangladesh joined in an ICC world cup cricket?


Is Pakistan in inda?

no pakistan is its own country now just like india. however, before, pakistan and india wer joined and were 1 huge country known as india. now they are independant

WTO and Pakistan?

Pakistan is a member of the World Trade Organization, having joined in 1995. The country is also a signee of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade.

Name any two princely state which became part of Pakistan?

Bahawalpur and Swat are two examples of 'Princely States' that joined Pakistan upon partition.

Why did Pakistan join Non Aligned Movement?

Pakistan joined the Non-Aligned Movement because it represented the common interests of of the newly-independent developing countries.

When Pakistan joined uno?

UNO does not exist from long ago. Write just UN

Who is the new prime minister of Pakistan who joined on 2012?

Raja Pervez Ashraf

Which Telco are Intel currently having a promotion with in Pakistan?

It's Qubee with which Intel has joined hands..

Essay of terrorism in Pakistan and how you remove it from Pakistan?

Terrorism is the most threatening factor for economy of Pakistan. Soon after 1999 when Pakistan joined USA's war against terrorism, extremists targeted Pakistan. So far thousands of civilians have lost their lives in these suicide attacks. The only way for Pakistan to get out of this calamity is to pursue diplomatic efforts with extremists as the same is being done by USA in Afghanistan.

How did the doctrine of nonalignment influence the relations of India and Pakistan wig the cold war superpowers?

India joined with the United States to beat up Pakistan and the Soviet Union along the way.

How many players when Jackie Robinson joined major league baseball?


Why did Pakistan join seato and cento?

pakistan joined seato so as to acquire protection against the anti-communist countries like russia and china but later on pakistan left seato because in case if india attacked on pakistan the members of seato wont provide with any aid as india is not a communist country

Who is interior minister of Punjab?

The Punjab Interior Minister Rana Sana Ullah and he is also Law Minister, Government of Punjab, Pakistan. He belong to Faisalabad, party joined with Pakistan Muslim League, Nawaz.

Why did players join Derek in a team?

They joined him because Derek Jeter was doing good.