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In the Nascar Cup Series, Richard Petty had the longest yearly winning streak. The King won at least one race in 18 consecutive seasons (1960-1977).

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Q: How many consecutive years has a Nascar driver won a race?
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How many years of college do you need to be a Nascar driver?

A person does not have to attend college in order to be a Nascar driver.

Who is the Nascar driver that has won the most consecutive championships and how many did he win?

Jimmie Johnson won a record five consecutive Nascar Cup Series championships (2006-2010).

How many years to become aprofessional Nascar Racer?

You do not need formal education to become a NASCAR racer. You need to make connections with others at NASCAR and acquire business sponsorships to become a NASCAR driver.

How many years in a row is the longest winning streak for a Nascar driver?

18 yearsRichard Petty holds the record for the most years with at least one win in the Nascar Cup Series (1960-1977).

How many Nascar Sprint Cup races can a driver enter in?

A Nascar Cup Series driver can enter 36 races throughout the season.

How many consecutive years did Kyle Busch win a race in the Nascar Nationwide Series?

Kyle Busch won a race in the Nascar Nationwide Series for eight consecutive years (2004-2011). His streak was snapped in 2012.Busch has since won races over the last two seasons in the Nationwide Series (2013-2014).

How many drivers die in NASCAR each year?

There have been Nascar drivers that have died over the years. It is not on a yearly basis. The last Nascar Cup driver that died in an accident was Dale Earnhardt Sr. on February 18, 2001.

How much is a NASCAR driver's salary?

It all depends on how many races a driver is winning and the sponsor's that they have.

How many drivers are on a NASCAR team?

A Nascar owner can have a maximum of four teams. Each team has one driver.

How many consecutive years are in a century?

100 years

How many years has NASCAR had the Chase races?

Nascar came up with the Chase in 2004.

How many consecutive years has Kyle Busch won a race in the Nascar Cup Series?

Since Kyle Busch began racing full-time in the Nascar Sprint Cup Series, he has won a race in nine straight seasons (2005-2013).

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