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Q: How many concussions before suspension from playing high school football?
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How many concussions can you withstand before you die?

Well some football players have over 100. Read this recent article from CNN I've never heard of a football player to get 100 concussions, that i think is impossible. i have had 6 concussions in my lifetime and i am a sophmore in high school. I'm no doctor but i know that this is terrible for me and i still have reprocussions from it. I'm still playing but i have heard that if you have more then 7 you have a shot at dieing well most football players do, and yes ive had 6, there is also a marine from my town that had to check for IED's and he had 8 and the service wont let me him go back.

When were plastic helmets legalized in the NFL?

The NFL (National Football Leage) did not make the plastic helmets mandatory until the year 1943 because of concussions from the rubber helmets that were used before.

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How many concussions can an NFL player have before they cannot play in the NFL anymore?


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