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i know roy Williams has

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Q: How many coaches have won NCAA basketball championships that graduated from that school?
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What do coaches look for in tryouts for high school basketball?

Good basketball players, of course.

Do assistant high school basketball coaches get paid?

That depends on what school the coach is at. Most schools, no. Some schools, however, will pay assistant coaches.

Which college team won the NCAA basketball championships 7 years in a row?

UCLA is the NCAA school that won seven basketball championships in a row from 1967 to 1973. As of September 2014, UCLA has won a total of 11 NCAA basketball championships.

Who were the coaches in the lowest scoring high school basketball game?

2 to 1

What school has won the most NCAA womens basketball championships?


What school has won the most division 1 basketball championships?


Who has won the most high school state championships in basketball?


What school has the most men's NCAA basketball conference championships?


What school has won the most state basketball championships in Idaho?

Madison High School with 18

How many high school girls basketball coaches are there in Texas?

For every team there is a coach

What school has won the second most NCAA mens basketball championships?


What school has won the second most mens ncaa basketball championships?


What school has won the most Men's NCAA Basketball tournament championships?


What high school girls basketball has most state championships?

Southwood (LA) High School has won the most state titles in girls basketball with 10

Who may call timeouts during a high school basketball game?

Coaches, players, and referees.

Which school has won the most ACC Regular Season basketball Championships?

North Carolina

Who has won the most high school state championships in basketball in Texas?

Joe Lombard

What year did the same school win both NCAA basketball championships?

2004 uconn

What is the yearly income of a high school basketball coach?

Part time coaches earn less, full time coaches earn more (often the same as a teacher)

What school has won the most postseason NCAA Division 1 men's Basketball Championships?


School that won the most ACC championships in mens basketball?

UNC and Duke tie for 17

Who is the the only basketball player to win championships in high school college and the NBA?

Magic Johnson

Requirements for highschool basketball team?

The requirements on a high school basketball team vary by each school, but usually consist of good grades and good attendance. Skill is also something the coaches value.

What school won the Men's and women's basketball championships the same year?

Roxbury community collage I think?

Which school won the men's and women's NCAA Division 1 basketball championships in the same year?