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Q: How many chances does the serving player get to serve correctly?
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Can the volleyball player serve at any place along the serving line?

They have to be behind the serving line, but they can jump past this line when serving.

What is serving order in volleyball?

Serving order is the order in which the players on the court will serve. If a team wins serve, the player in the back right side of the court will serve first, the player in front of them next and so on as they rotate clockwise. The players must serve in this order. If the wrong player contacts the ball, the team automatically loses the point.

What does back on serve mean in tennis?

In tennis matches, it is more common to win games while serving rather than while the other player is serving. So, when both players are winning their own serve games (holding serve) the set is said to be "on serve." When a player wins a game as a receiver, that player is said to have broken the opponent's serve and is now "up a break." If the other player is able to "break back" the score again appears as if nobody lost their serve game, and the set is "back on serve."

What is the definition of serving?

of Serve, a. & n. from Serve.

What is the greek meaning of serving?

of Serve, a. & n. from Serve.

Is a player awarded a first serve in tennis when he is interrupted before serving a 2nd serve?

If he's interrupted before a second serve, then no, since he hasn't served yet and is still safe.

How many times in a row can a server serve in volleyball?

They continue serving until their team loses the point, at which stage the serve goes to the opposing team, and when they lose their point it goes back to the first team (and this when the player rotation happens so a new player will be serving).

What are six rules a player must abide by when serving the ball in volleyball?

That depends on if your serving overhand or underhand... Underhand, 1) You can not drop the ball 2) You must actually serve the ball, not just smack it. 3) You must stand behind the serving line 4) You must not step over the serving line 5) If you miss your serve the other team gets a point 6) The ball CAN hit the top of the net and go over and it will still count. Overhand, 1) If you don't have a good toss you must let the ball touch the ground before you attempt to serve again. 2) You have two chances to serve 3) You must serve behind the serving line 4) You may not step over or on the serving line 5) If you miss your serve the other team gets a point 6) The ball CAN hit the top of the net and go over and it wills till count Good luck Hope that was helpful

What are the 3 kinds of serving in volleyball?

there is an Underhand Serve Overhand Serve and Jumpspike Serve

How do you say serving in French?

to serve is servir in French. A serving is 'une part'

How do you say serve in french?

to serve is servir in French. A serving is 'une part'

What does a serve in volleyball mean?

The serve is the first hit. To serve, the player stands behind the serving line (the line at the back of the court) and must hit the ball over the net without making the ball go out of bounds.

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