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2 a minute

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Q: How many calories do you burn by jogging in place?
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How many calories burned jogging 15 minutes?

If you are jogging at a pace of 5mph a person of average weight will burn around 200 calories.

Do stretches burn calories?

Yes doing any physical activity burns calories! But stretching does not burn as many calories as jogging or even walking.

How many calories you burn in one hour jogging?

400 to 600 calories sometimes more

How many calories can you burn in 1 minute by JOGGING in place?

This depends on how quickly you jog or how high you pick your legs up but generally 3-5 calories a minute can be burned this way.

How many calories do you burn from jogging?

Depends on your weight and how fast you go bro.

How many calories are lost jogging?

The answer is that it depends on many variables. The Intensity (or speed that you are jogging, with or without an incline), and the duration (how many minutes are you jogging?). On top of that, it depends on your weight and fitness level. I guess a typical figure would be, a 200 pound male, jogging at 5.0 mph with no incline, would probably burn about 100 calores in 25 minutes to a half hour. Also, to put it in perspective, jogging is an effective way to burn calories. So if considering it as an option to burn calories, it would be a solid choice.

How many calories does 30minutes of jogging at 5 mph burn?

Depending on your weight, it is around 200 to 300 calories.

How many calories do you burn jogging 1 mile 50k?

Depending on body weight, height, etc you burn 100-150 calories per mile.

How many calories can I burn with exercise?

How many calories you burn with exercise depends on how hard you exercise and how much you weigh. The more vigorous the exercise, the more calories per hour you can burn. Cross-country skiing, jogging and swimming are exercises that burn a significant number of calories per hour.

How many calories does joggin burn in 30 min?

6,000 cals for jogging for 30 mins

How many calories do you burn when jogging on the spot for 10 minutes?

you burn around 200 cal. per 30-40 minutes! :)

How many calories do you burn jogging 5 miles an hour?

A 160-pound person running at a 12-minute pace (5 mph) for 30 minutes would burn 290 calories. It fully depends on your weight and how long you plan on jogging though.

How many calories are burned with 1 hr jogging?

Around 700-800 calories. However if a person is over 90kg they can burn up to 900 calories.

How many calories do you burn jogging for 40 minutes?

the truth is you really do not burn any calories, the energy you lose while running is regained by the mitochodria in a body which produces all the calories you lost while running

Does Jogging help lose weight?

OF course:) Any form of exercising burns calories. You even lose weight when your sleeping. You can find a online calculator to find how many calories you burn per however many minutes of jogging ;)

How many calories does 10 minutes of jogging burns?

It just depends how fast u run when I run it says I burn 90 calories

How many calories can you burn doing 100 sit ups?

Not very many, but doing all 100 of them in a row will give abs to your abs. I don't know but if you want to burn calories jogging is a better way to do it.

How many calories will you burn jogging slow for 30 minutes?

jogging for like 10 minutes will burn as much as 100 calories, so if you will try to jo for 30 minutes that will be more or less 300 calories all in all, and it depends on the intensity of your jogging, but you must have a good condition of LUNGS in order to jog for 30 minutes because a lot of oxygen will be needed by the body when we talk about cardiovascular exercises.

How many calories do you burn jogging 1 km?

depending on your weight and age and what not, generally around 53-77.

By running how many kms can you burn 8000 calories?

Jogging at 10 km/h would burn around 400 calories. Therefore, to burn 8000 calories you would need to jog for about 20 hours. 8000 calories as you may know corresponds closely to 1 kg of body fat (7700 calories).

How many calories do you lose in jogging?

it depends how long you are jogging for and at what speed you are jogging :)

How many calories to you burn jogging?

Burning of calories depends on the distance u jog with every km a person burns 100 calories if he or she jogs at a speed of 7-8 km per hour.

How many extra calories are burned per hour if someone runs with a jogging stroller?

The number of extra calories that are burned per hour if someone runs with a jogging stroller will very greatly depending on the weight of the stroller and the terrain. It is possible to burn 50 to 150 more calories per hour.

How many calories burned jogging for 10 minutes?

It depends how hard you have to work during that jog. Variables such as your weight, your degree of cardiovascular fitness, your speed, whether you are jogging on flat ground or an incline, and whether you were jogging of a hard surface such as street paving or surface such as sand, influence the number of calories that you will burn.For a person of average weight and fitness an hour jogging at an average speed on flat ground might burn approximately 100 calories in one hour. If you were jogging on an incline and therefore had to work harder you would burn more calorieYes it depends on all those variables. For example, if you weigh about 175 pounds and jog at 4 mph you might burn about 100 calories.

How many calories burned per minute jogging?

well due to the paper that my school gave me you burn 2 calories per if you jog for 1 hour you will burn 200 calories. :)