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Q: How many big ten titles does Michigan university have in mens basketball?
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How many football championships for university of Michigan?

Michigan has 11 claimed national titles and 5 unclaimed national titles.

How many men's basketball championships does the University of Michigan have?

One (1989).

How many national titles does Michigan university have?

32 official and 7 unofficial as of 2008.

How many basketball National Championships has University of Michigan Won?

1 (1989)

How many National Titles does Michigan have?

The Michigan Wolverines have 12 national titles

How many NCAA titles has University of Utah won?

The Utes have won 22 titles. They have won 1 basketball title, 10 gymnastics titles, and 11 skiing titles.

How many NCAA sports titles does Duke University have?

12 total (4 in men's basketball).

How many University of Arizona basketball titles have they won?

The Wildcats won their only NCAA title in 1997.

How many NCAA titles does Maryland have?

The University of Maryland men have won 1 NCAA basketball championship - in 2002.

How many national titles does Duke basketball have?

3 in basketball

How many national chapionships has Michigan University won in football?

Michigan University? Do you mean Michigan State University (Spartans) or University of Michigan (Wolverines) ?

How many SEC Basketball Titles does the University of Kentucky have?

Go to and search under men's basketball. It shows 43 SEC Championships and 25 SEC Tournament Championships.

How many college basketball titles does UCLA have?


How many NCAA basketball titles does Pitt have?


How many NCAA basketball titles does UW have?


How many students are attending the university of Michigan?

how many female students attend the University of Michigan

How many NCAA Basketball titles does Tennasee have?

The University of Tennessee's Men's Basketball team has never won the NCAA Championship. The UT women's team has won 8 NCAA Championships

How many national basketball titles does Michigan state Spartans have?

The Michigan State Spartans have 2 championships since the tournament went to 64 teams:

How many ncaa titles has university of virginia won?

they have 25 titles

How many titles has the Memphis Basketball Team Won?


How many ACC titles has the tar heel in basketball?


How many national titles has Missouri won in basketball?


How many national basketball titles has California won?


How many NCAA basketball teams does Michigan have?


How many ncaa basketball titles has duke won?

They have 4 titles 1991 1992 2001 2010