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If you are refering to gymnastics, the answer is 2.

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Q: How many bars make up the parallel bars?
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What are the dimensions for gymnastics parallel bars?

I know the width is 480-500mm between the bars, the length & bar diameter is up to you

How do the uneven bars work in gymnastics?

The uneven bars are for the girls only. The boys use the parallel bars instead. On the uneven bars you can do chin up pull overs,back chin up pullovers, straddle on, squat on and every thing i just listed on the higher bar of the even bars too.

How many set of parallel line to make up a square?

2 sets of parallel lines make up a square. One set is composed of vertical lines, the other of horizontal ones.

How many sets of parallel line segments make up a trapezoid?

A trapezoid has 1 pair of opposite parallel lines of different lengths.

Floor exercise pommel hose still rings parallel bars and horizontal bar are the phases of gymnastics?

No, those and the Vaulting table make up the 6 events of Men's Gymnastics.

How many sets of parallel line segments make up the square above?


How many pairs of parallel lines does a triangle have have?

none, they all join up.

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I'm up to 10

Where can you buy chin up bars?

There are many places where one could purchase chin up bars online. One could check online shops such as Amazon or eBay for deals on purchasing chin up bars.

What is the object of gymnastics?

The object is to score a perfect 10.0 There are 4 events for women:floor vault beam and bars. In each event you compete by making up a routine that then you present to the judges The object is to do as well as possible without messing up. For men the events include: horizontal bars, parallel bars,pummel horse, rings and vault.

How many parallel pairs of sides can a nonagon have?

Up to four.

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