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The parallel bars are for the men's gymnastics team but the women's routines involve the uneven bars. Hope that helps. :)

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Q: Is the parallel bars at gymnastics for boys girls or both?
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What are the different male gymnastic apparatuses?

The men's gymnastics events in Olympic order are: Floor Exercise, Pommel Horse, Rings, Vault, Parallel-bars and Horizontal Bar (also known as High Bar). Both Floor and Vault are also practiced by the women.

What apparatus is used in womens gymnastics?

well women use * balance beam * uneven bars * floor * vault while men use * pommel horse * rings * parallel bars * floor * high bar * vault

Compare and contrast cheerleading and gymnastics?

In gymnastics, there are four events, Bars, Beam, Vault, and Floor. As you improve you can travel and compete and even have a chance to go to worlds.In cheer you make towers and perform and do routines like dancing to music in an odd way. You also do some type of floor. This involves less strength but alot of quick thinking.There both alike because there both sports (of course) and they both learn to do tricks but you don't make towers in gymnastics YOU DO FLIPS IN CHEER ALL THE TIME. Guys and girls can do both of them.Hope this helped!

What things in gymnastics uses your right hand?

Everything in gymnastics requires your both of your hands, to an extent. If you were to lose one of there hands, however, you would still be able to preform gymnastics. On floor you can do one-handed backhand springs and front handsprings. On highbar you can do one-handed swings and giants. You could not efficiently preform rings, parallel bars, or pommel horse however. Vaulting would be a challenge too, but you could overcome it! Good luck!! Sources: I am a gymnastics coach and have been doing it for 6 years now.

What are the differences between acrobatic and rhythmic gymnastics?

There two very different sports. But heres a breif overview of both -ARTISTIC GYMNASTICS: this one involves four appartus, floor, vault, bars and beam. If you do artistic gym you have to do all four. Artist invovles such things as leaps, walkovers, tumble lines (backflips-backsaults, frontsaults etc.) Strenght is a must have(but don't worrie that's something you gain with lessons), and flexibilitie helps although depending how far you would want to go its not a need. (Also depending on different peoples coaching views.) Artistic is a little similar to both acrobatics, and dancing. Its more about tricks, strength, flips, and everything in between.RHYTHMIC GYMNASTICS: is a very pretty sport. Its a bit of a mix between calasenthinics, and dance. It involves doing tricks, (ie. throwing and catching, leaping walkovering) with a ribbon, ball, clubs, skipping rope, and hool hoop. Flexibilitie is a must have! For it is a main thing in rhythmic gym.

What are the phases of gymnastics.?

if by phases you meant events this is what i know. Floor Exercise, Pommel Horse, Still Rings, Vault, Parallel bars, and Horizontal Bar and balance beam. There might be more if this is what you are talking aboutIf this question is asking about the 6 phases of the Gymnastics Program, here they are: Floor Exercise, Pommel Horse, Still Rings, Vault, Parallel bars, and Horizontal Bar.It really depends on how you are when you start where you begin. The earliest level in Tots (toddlers) Classes. Then you move on to Kinder Classes, both of which where you just learn very basics. Basic levels introduce early skills and techniques. After that is J.O levels, which you begin learning routines. With each J.O level you advance to more and more difficult skills and begin competing by J.O level 4 or so. Elite is the highest level and it is the level from which they choose Olympians from.

What is the same about cheerleading and gymnastics?

It's NOT!!!! I personally think that gymnastics is much harder than cheerleading. I did gymnastics since i was small. I made it on team when i was 7, but decied not to join, cause it seemed time consuming. But gymnastics, you have to be very strong, flexible, not scared to try new stuff, and balanced. In gymnastics you have vaut, beam, bars,and floor. In cheer you have cheers, dance, tumbling and stunting. Plus you don't wear shoes in gymnastics. They are the same because they both have tumbling, and they both learn routines, and that's about it.

What Olympic sport is a balance beam used in?

Nadia Comaneci was a model of gymnastics perfection, receiving the first perfect 10.0 score in Olympic history.

Where does a gymnast start when preforming on the vault?

In the United States, usually at a gymnastics gym, where gymnastics classes (and sometimes other physical activities) are taught to children and teenagers, and sometimes adults. A child may be on a gymnastics team at that gym, where they will learn routines and skills on every event (usually) - floor and vault for both men and women, and also balance beam and uneven bars for women, pommel horse, rings, and parallel bars for men. The team participates in meets, when gymnasts will show their routines and receive a score from a panel of judges. It is ideal to compete every event at a meet, including vault, although gymnasts sometimes do not compete every event due to injury or incompetency.

Is gymnastics both a men and women sport?

Yes it is - i do it and i see boys too - girls do tend to be there more often though - that's true!

Is gymnastics a boy or a girl sport?

Yes, why not!! Some kids may pick on you though, but have fun doing gymnastics. If you like gymnastics then go!! It's fun.

What is a sentence using the word gymnastics?

Gymnastics are included in the Olympics. Sally excelled in gymnastics. Both males and females enjoy gymnastics.