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328 ... 270 men and 58 women.

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Q: How many athletes did Japan send to the 1964 summer Olympics?
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Related questions

Where were the 1964 summer Olympics held?

The Summer Olympics of 1964 were held in Tokyo, Japan.

Where did the 1964 Summer Olympics take place?

Tokyo, Japan.The 1964 summer Olympics took place in Tokyo, Japan.

Which country hosted the 1964 Summer Olympics?

Japan. The 1964 Summer Olympics were held in Tokyo from October 10 to October 24, 1964.

Which countries hosted 1964 Olympics?

The 1964 Winter Olympics were held in Innsbruk, Austria and the 1964 Summer Olympics were held in Tokyo, Japan.

Where was 1964 olympic held?

* The 1964 Winter Olympics, were held in Innsbruck, Austria * The 1964 Summer Olympics, were held in Tokyo, Japan

Where did the 1964 Summer Olympics take places?

Tokyo, Japan.

What year did Olympic Games held in Japan?

1964(summer olympics)1972(winter olympics)

Who hosted the Olympic games in 1964?

Tokyo, Japan hosted the Summer Olympics and Innsbruck, Austria hosted the Winter Olympics in 1964.

Which country held the olympics in 1964?

summer it was japan and in winter it was austria

How many medals did Japan win in the 1964 Summer Olympics?


Where did the summer Olympics take place in the year 1964?

Tokyo, Japan.

Where were the Olympics held in 1964?

TokyoThe 1964 summer Olympics were held in Tokyo, Japan.The 1964 winter Olympics were held in Innsbruck, Austria.

Which asian city hosted the 1964 olympic games?

Tokyo in Japan hosted the 1964 Summer Olympics.

What was the site of the first Asian Olympics?

Tokyo, Japan - 1964 Summer Games

What was the first Asian city to host the Summer Olympics?

Tokyo, Japan in 1964.

Has japan ever hosted the olympics?

Yes in 1964 for summer and in 1972 and 1998 for winter.

Where was the 1964 Olympics?

The IX Olympic Winter Games took place in Innsbruck, Austria in early 1964. The 1964 Summer Olympics (Games of the XVIII Olympiad) took place in Tokyo, Japan.

Has Japan ever hosted the Olympic Games?

Yes, Japan hosted the Olympics three times. Tokyo hosted the Summer Olympics in 1964, Sapporo hosted the Winter Olympics in 1972, and Nagano hosted the Winter Olympics in 1998. Tokyo is scheduled to host the Summer Olympics again in 2020.

In which year japan has hosted Olympics first?

Japan has held the Summer Olympics in Tokyo in 1964 and the Winter Olympics in 1972 in Sapporo and in 1998 in Nagano i found this

When did japan hold the Olympics?

Summer: 1964 in Tokyo Winter: 1972 in Sapporo, 1998 in Nagano

Has japan had winter and summer Olympics?

Summer Games: Tokyo, 1964. Winter Games, twice -- Nagano, 1998, and Sapporo, 1972.

How many summer and winter Olympics did japan host?

3 times: 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo 1972 Winter Olympics in Sapporo 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano

How many gold medals did Japan win in 1964 Olympics?

Japan won 16 gold medals (along with 5 silver and 8 bronze) at the 1964 Summer Games in Tokyo.

How may years have Iran been in Olympics?

Iran first sent athletes to the Summer Olympics in 1948. They have competed in every Summer Games since except for 1980 and 1984. Iran first sent athletes to the Winter Olympics in 1956. They have competed in eight Winter Games (1956, 1964, 1968, 1972, 1976, 1998, 2002, 2006).

What year was the Olympics in japan?

1964 Summer Games in Tokyo 1998 Winter Games in Nagano