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Japan sent a total of 295 athletes to the Games, 138 men and 157 women, to compete in 24 sports.

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Q: How many athletes competed form japan at the summer 2012 games?
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What year did japan first compete in the summer Olympics?

Japan first sent athletes to the Summer Olympics in 1912 (Stockholm). Two Japanese athletes competed in athletics. Neither won a medal.

Who was the first person that japan entered into the Olympic games?

Japan's first Olympics was the 1912 Summer Games in Stockholm where they had two athletes competing. 1) Shizo Kanakuri competed in men's marathon. 2) Yahiko Mishima competed in men's 100 meter dash, 200 meter dash, and 400 meter dash. Neither athlete won a medal.

When did japan first compete in Olympics?

1912 Summer Games in Stockholm. Japan was represented in athletics by two athletes (Shizo Kanakuri, Yahiko Mishima) at the 1912 Games. Neither won a medal.

Commonwealth games is Japan part of it?

No, Japan has never competed in the Commonwealth Games and are not a member of the Commonwealth of Nations.

What countries starting with j have competed in the olympic games?

Japan,Jamaica and Jordan

How many athletes in the Olympics games of 2012 are from Japan?


What year did Moscow host the summer Olympic games?

The 22nd Summer Olympics were hosted by Moscow in 1980. The games commenced on the 19th of July and finished on the 3rd of August. 80 countries represented by 5,217 competitors competed in 21 sports and 204 events. The games were boycotted by Japan, USA and West Germany.

How many Japanese athletes are competing in the 2008 Olympics?

Japan sent 350 athletes to compete in the 2008 Games.

How many athletes did Japan send to the 1964 summer Olympics?

328 ... 270 men and 58 women.

Did the Athens Greece sponsor the summer or the winter games or both?

Did Japan sponsor the summer or winter games

Where were the summer Olympic Games held in Japan?


How many japanese athletes are there at the London 2012 Olympics?

Japan has 293 athletes in 24 sports and is not represented in basketball and handball at the Games.