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Two. Staubach, who was a member of five Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl teams in the 1970s, won championships in Super Bowl VI and Super Bowl XII.

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Q: How many Super Bowl rings does Roger Staubach have?
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Who has more Super Bowl rings Terry Bradshaw or Roger Staubach?

Terry Bradshaw has won four Super Bowl rings (IX, X, XIII, XIV), while Roger Staubach has won two (VI, XII).

Who was Super Bowl 6 MVP?

Roger Staubach

What quarterback has most interception in Super Bowl history?

Roger Staubach

Who was the MVP of Super Bowl VI?

Quarterback Roger Staubach of the Dallas Cowboys was the MVP of Super Bowl VI.

Who was the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys when the won their first Super Bowl?

Roger Staubach.

Who was Dallas Cowboys quarterback during super bowl 6?

Roger Staubach.

Who was the Dallas Cowboys first offensive Super Bowl MVP?

Quaterback Roger Staubach was the first offensive Super Bowl MVP.

What quarterback led the Dallas Cowboys to their second super bowl victory?

Roger Staubach

All quarterbacks who led dallas to Super Bowl?

Roger Staubach and Troy Aikman.

Does roger staubach have two Super Bowl wins?

Yes, Super Bowl VI against the Miami Dolphins and Super Bowl XII against the Denver Broncos.

What the dallas quarter fumble a record 5 times in four super bowl?

Roger Staubach.

What Super Bowl had the most Heisman Trophy winners playing in it?

Through Super Bowl XLIII, there has not been more than two Heisman winners on Super Bowl rosters for any game. 1) Super Bowl I - Paul Hornung of the Packers (1956, Notre Dame) and Mike Garrett of the Chiefs (1965, USC). Hornung did not play in Super Bowl I. 2) Super Bowl XII - Roger Staubach of the Cowboys (1963, Navy) and Tony Dorsett of the Cowboys (1976, Pittsburgh). 3) Super Bowl XIII - Roger Staubach of the Cowboys (1963, Navy) and Tony Dorsett of the Cowboys (1976, Pittsburgh). 4) Super Bowl XVIII - Jim Plunkett of the Raiders (1970, Stanford) and Marcus Allen of the Raiders (1981, USC). Other Super Bowls that had Heisman winners on rosters: 1) Super Bowl II - Billy Cannon of the Raiders (1959, LSU). 2) Super Bowl IV - Mike Garrett 3) Super Bowl V - Roger Staubach 4) Super Bowl VI - Roger Staubach 5) Super Bowl X - Roger Staubach 6) Super Bowl XIII - Roger Staubach 7) Super Bowl XV - Jim Plunkett 8) Super Bowl XXII - George Rogers of the Redskins (1980, South Carolina). 9) Super Bowl XXXI - Desmond Howard of the Packers (1991, Michigan). 10) Super Bowl XXXIV - Eddie George of the Titans (1995, Ohio State). 11) Super Bowl XXXV - Ron Dayne of the Giants (1999, Wisconsin). 12) Super Bowl XXXVII - Charles Woodson of the Raiders (1997, Michigan).