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Actually, they have 26 SEC titles and 13 national championships......

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Q: How many SEC titles does Alabama Crimson Tide football have?
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How many titles has Alabama Crimson Tide football won?


When was Alabama Crimson Tide football created?

Alabama Crimson Tide football was created in 1892.

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The University of Alabama Crimson Tide

How many national titles do the Alabama crimson tide share with other teams in football?

Alabama has 14 national titles none are shared no other team has that many

Alabama football teams name?

Alabama Crimson Tide

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Alabama Crimson Tide

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Alabama crimson tide

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Crimson Tide. Yes, the University of Alabama's football team nickname and the team colors.

What has the author Ben Cook written?

Ben Cook has written: 'Year of the Tide' -- subject(s): Alabama Crimson Tide (Football team), Football, University of Alabama 'Legend in crimson'

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Football: Alabama Crimson Tide College Football. Basketball same thing. You probably know the rest.