NCAA football national champions

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Alabama Crimson Tide

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Q: NCAA football national champions
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Who are the past NCAA football champions?

the miami hurricanes were the national champions in 2001

Who has the most NCAA national champions?

Alabama has the most national championships for ncaa football with 12. Notre Dame is right behind them with 11. ROLL TIDE!!!!!

Who were the NCAA football champions in 1951?

The University of Tennessee Volunteers were the consensus NCAA champions in 1951.

Who are the D1 NCAA Football Champs for the past 100 years?

Click on the 'NCAA Football Champions' link on this page to see, from the NCAA, the past champions of football going back to the year 1869.

In what football division does Kansas State play?

Kansas state plays in the NCAA's division I Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS). They have not won an NCAA championship yet but they have had numerous national champions.

Who won the 2007 ncaa national champions in college football?

The LSU Tigers won the 2007 season national championship on Jan. 8 2008

How many NCAA National Football Championships have the Wisconsin Badgers won?

The Wisconsin Badgers have never won a NCAA National Football Championship. They came close in 1962 but ultimately lost to USC at the Rose Bowl. They have been National Champions in other sports however.

What team won the 1960 college football national championship?

Minnesota were recognized as the AP National Champions, and also won the UPI and AFF National Championships that year (all 3 being recognized by the NCAA as consensus national champions).Ole Miss won the Football Writers Association of America (FWAA) National Championship, the only other award recognized by the NCAA.Other "National Champions" included Iowa, Missouri and Washington, but none of their championships are recognized by the NCAA.

Who is the NCAA men's Lacrosse national champions in 2010?


Who won the 1962 NJCAA National Football Championship?

I know the NCAA champions were the University of Southern California coached by John McKay. Maybe will have the answer.

Money national champions in ncaa get if they win?

5 million dollars

Who has won the most NCAA division one football champions by school?


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