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2, he won the 2005 and 2006 Premier League titles with Chelsea.

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Q: How many Premier League titles has Robert Huth won?
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What is Robert Huth's birthday?

Robert Huth was born on August 18, 1984.

When was Robert Huth born?

Robert Huth was born on August 18, 1984.

How many players have played in the bundesliga and the premier league?

There are three German players to play in the E.P.L. they are Ballack , ziege and Huth.

Middlesbrough players to win a premier league medal?

There are 9 plus 3 often assumed to have Premier League medals who don't Paul Ince Jérémie Aliadière Ray Parlour Geremi Robert Huth Gary Pallister Bryan Robson Stuart Ripley Clayton Blackmore also Jonathan Greening and Gary Walsh were playing for Man United when they won titles but didn't make enough appearances and Paul Merson left Arsenal the year before they won their first Premier League.

How old is Robert Huth?

Robert Huth is 32 years old (birthdate: August 18, 1984).

How many German players currently play in the Premier League?

There are currently three German players that play in the Premier League. They are ;Per Mertesacker - Arsenal F.C.Robert Huth - Stoke City F.C.Gerhard Tremmel - Swansea City F.C.This list is correct as of February 21st, 2012.

How many German players have played 100 games or more in the premier league?

eight , huth, ballack,ziege,riedler, klinsmann,babel,hamann and one more that i can not remember for the life of me will get back with answer

Who is the current President and CEO of David's Bridal?

Robert D. Huth

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Russ Huth's birth name is Russell Huth Jr..

When was Angela Huth born?

Angela Huth was born in 1938.

When did Georg Huth die?

Georg Huth died in 1906.

When was Georg Huth born?

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