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This makes 14!!

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Q: How many NCAA Basketball final four appearances has Kansas Jayhawks appeared in?
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When was Kansas Jayhawks men's basketball created?

Kansas Jayhawks men's basketball was created in 1898.

What is the overall record between the Kansas jayhawks and Kansas state wildcats in basketball?

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Who was the 2008 NCAA basketball chamions?

The mens is Kansas Jayhawks

What is the nickname of the university of Kansas basketball power house?


Who was the 2008 mens ncaa basketball champion?

Kansas Jayhawks

Who won the 2009 mens college basketball?

The Kansas Jayhawks

What has the author Max Falkenstien written?

Max Falkenstien has written: 'Max and the Jayhawks' -- subject(s): Biography, History, Kansas Jayhawks (Basketball team), Kansas Jayhawks (Football team), Sports, Sportscasters, University of Kansas

What are the major sports teams in Kansas?

University of Kansas Jayhawks basketball team. The Kansas City teams are all on the Missouri side, so the Jayhawks are the closest thing to pro sports in Kansas.

Who are the Kansas Jayhawks?

The sports teams at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, Kansas and are known as the Jayhawks. They participate in the NCAA's Division I and in the Big 12 Conference. The Jayhawks are also in the 2008 NCAA Division I National Championship basketball game. The Kansas Jayhawks are BEAST and will beat anyone who comes in their way! (Especially tigers!)

When is the last time that the Kansas Jayhawks missed the NCAA Basketball Tournament?


What team is currently ranked number in men's college basketball?

The Kansas Jayhawks

Who is the team doctor for the Kansas Jayhawks basketball team?

The Kansas Jayhawks have a couple of people in charge of basketball. The Head Team Physician for the university is Dr. Larry Magee. However, the men's basketball team also has Bill Cowgirl as support.

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