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Olympic Archery only uses recurves.

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Q: How many Different bows are used in the archery Olympics?
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What company makes the archery bows used in the Olympics?

There are many brands. Hoyt, Martin, and Lancaster are just a few.

How many types of archery bows are there?

there are many different ones like cross bow arrows

How many countries are participating in archery at London Olympics?

32 countries are participating in archery at London Olympics.

How many types of bow are used in archery?

there are 37 types of bows

What can one find on Mathew's Archery website?

One can find many things helpful for archery on Matthew's Archery website. For example, Matthew's Archery sells bows and archery accessories needed for many archers.

What are some examples of the different types of bows used in archery?

There aren't many types of bows, however there are many custom made bows which highly differ from the standard modern bows. The most common types are Short Bows and Long Bows as well as Cross Bows. The strongest ones of course are Cross Bows, as these are powered automatically, whereas in the other two you have to physically pull the arrow.

Do people still use arrows?

Yes they do. There are many Archery Clubs throughout the world. Some use Long Bows and others use Cross bows. I believe Archery may even be an Olympic sport.

What types of archery equipment is being offered for sale on sporting goods websites?

A variety of archery equipment is offered for sale on sporting goods websites. For example, the Sports Authority website offers many different brands of archery cross bows and arrows.

How many events in 2012 Olympics?

38 from archery to wrestling

How many people compete in archery in the Olympics?

28 people

How many medals has the us won in archery in the 2012 Olympics?


How many countries are participating in archery in the London Olympics?

There are about 32 countries participating in Archery. some territories are representing themselves

In RuneScape where do you get a bow?

There are many different places in runescape to get bows. Most commonly you can them from the Grand Exchange. Another place is at archery stores, these you can find just about anywhere in runescape. Lastly, sometimes but not very often, particular monsters drop bows. I'm not sure which ones but they do get dropped. In varrock there is an archery shop. It sells arrows, Armour for archers and bows and arrows. It is close to the varrock sewers entrance.

Are there recent changes in archery?

Today bows have lots of little gadgets attached to them including scopes, bowstringers, aiming systems and much more. Archery is also used in many different competitive events whereas in the 1500's it was used for war and hunting.

Where did archery originate?

Many different cultures and peoples, widely separated and isolated, one from another, seem to have developed bows and arrows on their own, at various periods throughout history.Nobody knows exactly where or when archery originated, but some estimates are that bows and arrows were first developed around 10,000-15,000 years ago. The oldest surviving bows and arrows have been found in Europe, but that in no way means that archery originated there. It simply means that the conditions in those particular areas are conducive to the preservation of the materials used to make the ancient weapons..

How many different types of bows are there?

there are plenty of them

Archery Bows Archery Supplies Archery Equipment?

It is difficult to answer this "question", because there are so many archery supply stores around the world, and the list is continually changing every day. Probably the best way to find an archery supply store in your own region/locality is to look in your local telephone book for a "Sporting Goods Store" and/or "Archery Supply".

What is the bow in archery made of?

Bows can be made of many types of materials, including (in no particular order):woodsteelfiber-glassaluminumtitaniumcarbon-fiberhorn (as in buffalo and ibex)There are probably other materials which can be used to make a bow for archery as well. Bows can be made of one material only (as for a self-bow), or as a composite by using two or more types of materials (as for composite and laminated bows).

What is archery used for?

archery is used for a recreational skill in the uk with many different forms but can be used for hunting IN the us

There are 30 bows in a bag there are 5 times as many small bows as large bows how many large bows are there?

5 large bows.

Cost of archery bow?

It depends on what type of bow you wish to get - and what you are willing to "settle for". There are bows designed primarily for the beginner, such as the "Titan" (by Indian Archery) and they cost as little as $30....and there are bows made specifically for only one person, and they can cost as much as $6,000 (some custom-made bows, such those from Mongolia, can take a full year or more to build). And that is usually only for the bow itself.Add things such as an arrow rest, sights, scopes, counter-weights, etc, and the price goes up.Normally, the more a bow costs the better its quality is, but that is a generalization. There are, unfortunately, many bows which cost a lot...but are of a low quality. For a more comprehensive idea of the average cost of a bow, visit an archery store, one which specializes in archery.

How many sports are played in the summer Olympics?

There are a total of 41 different sports that are played during the Summer Olympics. They include tennis, cycling BMX, fencing, synchronized swimming, canoe sprint, handball, archery, hockey, diving, and water polo.

How many different nations are compete in Olympics 2012 200m?

how many different nations are compete in Olympics 200m

What type of bows does Bowtech sell?

Bowtech sells many different types of bows. Bowtech sells the Destroyer 350 Black Ops Compact Bow, The Commander, The Captain, The Equalizer, The Guardian and many other bows.

Three Types of Bows Used in Archery?

The bow and arrow is one of the oldest range weapons in the world. People no longer use the weapon for protection, but the sport of archery remains a popular past time. All you need to get started is a bow, a few arrows, a target and a suitable place to shoot. A shooter can use straight bows, recurve bows and compound bows depending on the nature of the competition. Each type of bow has its own strengths and draw backs. Straight bows, despite the name are only straight when they are not strung. Then can be three and a half to six feet and length and the draw weight depends on the material used to make the bow and the length of the string. This type of bow is less accurate than the other types, but it is the easiest to make. Summer camps usually let children use a straight bow when they first attempt the sport of archery. Recurve bows look much like straight bows. The difference is that the bow curves away from person holding it at the top and the bottom. Recurve bows allow the string to pull a greater draw weight, increasing the force of the arrow and the range of the bow. These types of bows are used in many competitions, including the Olympics. Compound bows represent the fusion of modern technology with ancient weaponry. The pulley system allows for much greater draw weights than recurve bows and straight bows allow for. Manufacturers typically use aluminum instead of wood. The major different between a compound bow and the other two types is that it is easier for the user to pull and hold the bow until he is ready to shoot. When you go into a hunting goods store and look for archery equipment, this is the type of bow you’ll find. Although the bows can contribute to the shooter’s archery accuracy, the most important factor for how well an arrow gets to its intended destination is the arrow. Proper fletching is necessary to help the arrow fly straight once it is released,