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1993 Patrick Roy, Montreal Canadiens

1986 Patrick Roy, Montreal Canadiens

1979 Bob Gainey, Montreal Canadiens

1978 Larry Robinson, Montreal Canadiens

1977Guy Lafleur, Montreal Canadiens

1973 Yvan Cournoyer, Montreal Canadiens

1971 Ken Dryden, Montreal Canadiens

1969 Serge Savard, Montreal Canadiens

1965 Jean Beliveau, Montreal Canadiens

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Q: How many Conn Smythe trophies has Montreal won?
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How many Red Wings have won the Conn Smythe award?


How many Conn-Smythe trophies have the Canadiens won?

9 1965: Jean Beliveau (Center) 1969: Serge Savard (Defenseman) 1971: Ken Dryden (Goalie) 1973: Yvan Cournoyer (Right Winger) 1977: Guy Lafleur (Right Winger) 1978: Larry Robinson (Defenseman) 1979: Bob Gainey (Left Winger) 1986: Patrick Roy (Goalie) 1993: Patrick Roy Patrick Roy is 1 of only 5 players to ever win multiple Conn Smythe Trophies. Roy also won the Conn Smythe in 2001 as a member of the Colorado Avalanche, becoming the only player to have won the award 3 times. The Canadiens won the Stanley Cup each of the years their players won the Conn Smythe.

How many conn smythe trophies have been won by the red wings?

Red Wing's players have won the Smythe 4 times. The players are as follows: Roger Crozier in 1965-66, Mike Vernon in 1996-97, Steve Yzerman in 1997-98, and Nicklas Lidstrom in 2001-02.

How many red wing team members have won the conn smythe trophy?

The only players to win the Conn Smythe as a Redwing were the following. 65-66 Roger Crozier 96-97 Mike Vernon 97-98 Steve Yzerman 01-02 Nicklas Lidstrom Only Nicklas Lidstrom is still playing.

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How Many Detroit Red Wings players have won the Conn Smythe?

5 Detroit Red Wings have won the Conn Smythe trophy.Roger Crozier - G - 1966 - Red Wings lost series in 6 games vs Montreal CanadiensMike Vernon - G - 1997 - Red Wings won series in 4 games vs Philadelphia FlyersSteve Yzerman - C - 1998 - Red Wings won series in 4 games vs Washington CapitalsNiklas Lidstrom - D - 2002 - Red Wings won series in 5 games vs Carolina HurricanesHenrik Zetterberg - LW - 2008 - Red Wings won series in 7 games vs Pittsburgh Penguins

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