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2 ... Cathy Turner won 2 gold medals (500 meters in 1992 and 1994) and Apolo Anton Ohno won 2 gold medals (1500 meters in 2002 and 500 meters in 2006).

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Q: How many Americans have won gold medals in short track speed skating?
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Which countree has won the most medals for short track speed skating?


How manymetals does th US hold in speed skating?

The US won 37 medals for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Short- track Speed Skating

How many medals have Canada won in short track speed skating at the Winter Olympics?

Canada have won a total of 5 gold medals in short track speed skating at the Winter Olympics, putting them second in the list of most gold medals in the event, behind South Korea, who have 17.

How many total medals did China win in 2006 winter Olympics?

China won 11 medals (2 gold, 4 silver, 5 bronze) at the 2006 Winter Games in Turin. They won 5 medals in short track speed skating and 2 medals each in figure skating, freestyle skiing, and speed skating.

What is short track speed racing?

short track speed skating is speed skating on a smaller track, the size of a hockey rink

How is short track speed skating played?

u have a mouth guard and u throuw it at the americans!:Plol

Where did short track speed skating origin from?

Short track speed skating came from 13th century Holland

Who won two gold medals for skating in the 1980s?

Eric Heiden won 5 gold medals in speed skating the 1980 Olympics.

Who has won the olympic gold medals in speed skating?

Through the 2008 Games in Beijing ... 1) Speed skating - Lidiya Skoblikova of the Soviet Union with 6. 2) Short track speed skating - Wang Meng of China and Jeon I-Gyeong of South Korea with 4 each.

How many medals has the US received in speed skating?


What event did Bonnie Blair win her Olympic medals in?

speed skating

Who won 5 gold medals in speed skating?

Bonnie Blair

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