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The US won 37 medals for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Short- track Speed Skating

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Q: How manymetals does th US hold in speed skating?
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What is Canada ranked in speed skating?

Canada is one of the top speed skating countries in the world. This years winter Olympics will tell us where we stand.

How many medals has the US received in speed skating?


Who was on the 1995 olympic speed skating team for the US?

Reynaldo Martinez

What are some speed skating tips?

Speed skating requires good equipment and good form. In general the lower one can keep his body the faster one will go. More information can be found at US Speed Skating, and Ellis Method.

What talk show host sponsors the US Speed Skating team?

"Colbert" looks to be the talk show. I am not aware of the real answer because I have never heard of such thing, but when i search for it everything says that "Colbert" sponsors the US Speed Skating team.

In what sport did the US win two of its three gold medals at the 1976 Innsbruck Winter Olympics?

Speed Skating

How many gold medals did America win in 2008?

The US won 3 gold medals at the 1976 Winter Olympics in Innsbruck. Dorothy Hamill won in women's figure skating, Peter Mueller won in men's 1000m speed skating, and Sheila Young won in 500m women's speed skating.

How many gold medals did the US win in the winter Olympics in Calgary 1988?

2 ... Bonnie Blair in women's 500 meter speed skating and Brian Boitano in men's figure skating.

Who is the male US speed skating champion?

There is a champion for every distance, for the 500m (the shortest distance) it's Apolo Anton Ono.

Who was the women's US skating champion in 1964?

Peggy Fleming was the women's US skating champion in 1964.

When was US Figure Skating created?

U.S. Figure Skating was created in 1921.

What event at the 1960 winter Olympics in squaw valley US prompted CBC producers to invent the instant replay?

women speed skating

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