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He has like nine 50-point games as of the end of the 2010-2011 season. You can easily look up questions like this on for all sports I think.

His last one was on February 3, 2011 and he had 51.

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Dwyane Wade scored 50 points or more only 3 times in his career. He scored 50 points against The Utah Jazz in the 2008-2009 season, again 50 against The Orlando Magic same season and 55 career high against The New York Knicks same season!!

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3 times

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Q: How many 50 point games does Lebron James have?
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How many 40-point games does LeBron James have?

LeBron recorded his 34th 40 point game with 43 points on12-8-2009

How many 50 pointer games has lebron James had?

Lebron has had 8 50-point games, his last one being against the Sacremento Kings.

How many games did LeBron James start at point guard?

I think 10 games. Im not sure tho HOPE I HELP. :)

How many 30 point games for lebron James 2010 season?

2 one in 05 and one in 07

How many 30 point does lebron James have?


Is LeBron James a good 3- point shooter?

Lebron James is an average 3 point shooter. He is like many NBA players in that when he gets on a roll he will not miss. Lebron James has improved his 3 point shooting at critical times.

How many games has Lebron James fouled out of?


How many games does LeBron James have a year?

Each team plays 70 games a year so if Lebron James doesn't get injured or anything, he'll play the whole 70 games per season.

How many three-pointers did LeBron James make in his rookie season?

LeBron James made 63 3 pointers in his rooke season 63

How many points did lebron James score in his last two games?

27 and 24

How many all star game has Lebron James been in?

LeBron James has been in 7 NBA All-Star games. He has been in every game from 2005-2011.

How many titles has Lebron James won?

1.He just beat the OKC Thunder in 5 games