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Q: How many 1000 yard receiving seasons has WR TJ Houshmandhzedeh had as a Bengal?
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Who was the first player in the University of Pittsburgh history to have back-to-back 1000 receiving yard seasons?

Larry Fitzgerald plays wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals.

How many running backs have had 1000 yard receiving seasons?

Roger Craig in the 1985 season with 1050 rushing yards on 214 attempts and 1,016 receiving yards on 92 receptions. Marshall Faulk in the 1999 season with 1381 rushing yards on 253 attempts and 1048 receiving yards on 87 receptions.

Who was the first player in the nfl to rush for 1000 yArds and have 1000 yards RECEIVING?

1985 - Roger Craig

Are people helping Bengal Tigers?

Yes they are. they help over 1000 thousand in 2008.

Who holds the nfl record for the most seasons with 1000 or more rushing yards and how many seasons did he do it?

Walter Payton

What nfl players have rushed for 1000 yards and have had 1000 receiving in the same year?

1985 - Roger Craig, 49ers, 1050 rushing yards, 1016 receiving yards 1999 - Marshall Faulk, Rams, 1381 rushing yards, 1048 receiving yards

What NFL player had the most years between 1000 yard seasons?

Larry csonka

Which Alabama Wide Receiver was the first to gain 1000 receiving yards in a season?

David Palmer

Who was the first 1000 yd receiving tandem in the NFL?

Drew Pearson (1026 receiving yards) and Tony Hill (1062 receiving yards) of the 1979 Dallas Cowboys. In the American Football League, Don Maynard (1265 receiving yards) and Art Powell (1167 receiving yards) of the 1960 New York Titans.

What entry would be made for the sell of inventory for 1000 receiving cash What if your cost if inventory sold is 500?

[Debit] Cash 1000 Credit sales 10000

What running back holds the most consecutive 1000 yd rushing seasons?

Barry Sanders.

What WR have 5 1000 seasons in a row?

Brandon Marshall is one of them. Go Chicago Bears!

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