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Drew Pearson (1026 receiving yards) and Tony Hill (1062 receiving yards) of the 1979 Dallas Cowboys.

In the American Football League, Don Maynard (1265 receiving yards) and Art Powell (1167 receiving yards) of the 1960 New York Titans.

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Q: Who was the first 1000 yd receiving tandem in the NFL?
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Who was the first player in the nfl to rush for 1000 yArds and have 1000 yards RECEIVING?

1985 - Roger Craig

Who is the second half of the All Time passer and receiving tandem in NFL History with Peyton Manning?

Marvin Harrison

Who was the first NFL player to record 1000 yards receiving?

In a season, that was Don Hutson of the 1942 Green Bay Packers with 1211.

Who was the first Cleveland Browns receiver to surpass 1000 yards for a season?

Mac Speedie of the 1947 Browns with 1146 receiving yards. The Browns were playing in the All American Football Conference (AAFC) at the time. The first Browns receiver to break 1000 yards in the NFL was Paul Warfield with 1067 receiving yards in 1968.

What nfl players have rushed for 1000 yards and have had 1000 receiving in the same year?

1985 - Roger Craig, 49ers, 1050 rushing yards, 1016 receiving yards 1999 - Marshall Faulk, Rams, 1381 rushing yards, 1048 receiving yards

What NFL players have rushed for 1000 yards and have had 700 receiving in the same year?

Ray Rice just achieved that milestone this past season.

Who was the first NFL quarterback to pass for 1000 yards?

johnny unitas

NFL top tandem cornerbacks in history OF THE NFL?

currently its Jonathan Joseph of the Bengals and darelle revis and antonio cromartie of the jets

Who was the first NFL quarterback to pass for 1000 yards in a season?

Sammy Buagh

Who was on the receiving end of Brett Favre's first NFL completion?

Brett Favre's 1st NFL pass was deflected & he caught it himself for a loss of 7 yards.

What running backs have rushed for more than a 1000 yards in a season and received more than a 1000 yards in the same season?

1) Roger Craig of the 1985 San Francisco 49ers (NFL) - 1050 yards rushing and 1016 yards receiving.2) Brian Westbrook of the 1998 Villanova University Wildcats (College D-1AA) - 1046 yards rushing and 1144 yards receiving.3) Marshall Faulk of the 1999 St. Louis Rams (NFL) - 1381 yards rushing and 1048 yards receiving.

Most receiving yards in one season in the NFL?

As of the 2007 season, the NFL record for receiving yards in a single season is held by Jerry Rice of the San Francisco 49ers who had 1,848 receiving yards in 1995.

Who is the 2nd half of the All Time passerreceiving tandem in NFL History with Peyton Manning?

Marvin Harrison ------------- Correction. Marvin Harrison is the FIRST half, the SECOND half is Reggie Wayne.

Can you advance the ball on an onside kick in the NFL?

The receiving team can advance the ball once they gain possession. The kicking team cannot advance the ball unless it was first in possession of the receiving team.

Who leads the NFL in receiving in 2009?

Currently Hines Ward is the receiving leader with 599 yards.

Who was the first Cowboys wide receiver to lead in receiving?

As of the 2008 season, no Cowboys' receiver has led the NFL in pass reception for a season. Two Cowboys' receivers have led the NFL in pass receiving yardage for a season ... Drew Pearson in 1977 (870 yards) and Michael Irvin in 1991 (1,523 yards).

Who leads the NFL in receiving yards?

Jerry Rice

Who has the most receiving touchdown in the nfl?

Jerry Rice

Which player was the first player to lead the NFL in receiving yards for 3 straight seasons?

Don Hutson of the Green Bay Packers in 1941 (738 receiving yards), 1942 (1211), 1943 (776), and 1944 (866).

Who is leading the NFL in receiving yards in the 2011 season?

As of week 4: Wes Welker with 616 receiving yards.

Who is Leading the NFL 09 season with receiving touchdowns?

Through Week 10 of the NFL season, that is Larry Fitzgerald of the Arizona Cardinals and Reggie Wayne of the Indianapolis Colts with 8 receiving TDs each.

Who is the best receiving tandem in NFL history?

I've been a Patriots fan my whole life. For recent teams its either got to be 07-08 Patriots with Randy Moss, Wes Welker, and Stallworth. The other team in mind were the Vikings in the late 90's with Cris Carter, Randy Moss, and Jeff Reed

Who has the most yards receiving in a season for the eagles?

Through the 2009 season, that is Mike Quick with 1409 receiving yards in 1983. He led the NFL in receiving yards that season.

Who holds the NFL rookie receiving record?

randy moss

Who had the most receiving yards in the NFL in 2009?

Andre Johnson