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2 to 4 months

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Q: How long will an athlete with a broken ankle be out of a football game?
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How long will an athlete with broken ribs be out of the game?

It depends on what sport the athlete is playing, for normal people it takes about three to six weeks for ribs to heal on average. For an athlete in say football, it will probably be longer, probably about five to eight weeks

Did Tim Tebow play his last high school game with a broken ankle?


What is sport injuries in a football game?

sport injuries in a football game may incluide broken legs/arms, and injuries like that :)

When you play basketball do ankle supports weaken the ankle?

no. in fact, the ankle supports the ankle during a basketball game.

Did bobby baun score with a broken ankle or leg?

Yes, he scored in overtime to force a seventh game in the series. They won the next game for the Stanley Cup. Baun played in the final game as well.

What professional athlete hit a home run in a major league baseball game and scored a touchdown in an NFL football game in the same week in 1989?

Deion Sanders

Who was the young black athlete who was offered over fifty college football scholarships and he never played a pro game before?

Rogis Holman

Who wears 15?

Tim Tebow of the Florida Gators wears number 15. Arguably the greatest collegiate athlete to ever play the game of football.

Why would and athlete be desconsolate after a big game?

An athlete would be disconsolate after a big game as a result of failing to win.

Which Leaf scored a playoff overtime goal while playing on a broken ankle?

Bobby Baun! Baun will forever be remembered for scoring the overtime winner in game six against the Detroit Red Wings in the Stanley Cup finals on April 23, 1964. Earlier in that same game, he had had his ankle broken. I suspect that many different players have done so, but the answer that you're probably looking for is Bobby Baun.

How long is one half of a college football game?

One half of a college football game is 30 minutes. The games are broken up into 4 15 minute quarters, and halftime occurs after the second quarter.

Does Dominic santullo play football?

Yes, the Dominator is an elite athlete in CT. He was a force on the defensive line winning the Mid-Conn championship game in 2011

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