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As long as they can still play and don't get hurt a lot they can stay as long as they want. Look at Brett Favre, he stayed around a long time.

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Q: How long will a nfl football player be able to play football?
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What grade point average is needed to play football at notre dame?

The player's have to keep a 2.8 to be able to play

Can a football player return to a game?

As long as they are cleared to play if injured they can return

How long does the average football player play football?

The average football player lasts 10 years assuming high school and college. The average pro player lasts 3 years.

What does a middle field player in soccer do?

Play football Play football

Where do the player play football?

On a football pitch of course.

Can a 5'2 120 lb player be able to punt for a varsity football team?

Yes of course. Football players aren't limited by size although sometimes size is in direct relation with the player's ability to be a good at football. There are no size restrictions in football. There are some medical restrictions. And as long as the 5'2" player has at least a year of eligibility left it is perfectly fine for him/her to play.

How long do you have to attend college to be a football player?

If you are academically eligible you can play from the day you step on campus.

How can football players wear casts during the game?

Football players can wear their casts during the game as long as they are able to still play when they are on. If they can play through the pain, then they are able to, but it is usually best to sit out when the players are hurt.

How can you become a Pittsburgh Steelers football player?

Play college football and play well.

Who was the first football player to play for Europe?

holland they had gantrie van selliepersie who was the first football player to play in Europe

Who was the first black football player to play football in the Michigan?

your racist.

Can a college level HS football player play in a college game?

If someone is a high school football player why would he be eligible to play in a college football game?

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