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There is no set time a player must hold on to a ball after catching either a batted or a thrown ball - the rule only states that he must maintain "control" of the ball.

If the umpire rules that a fielder has control of the ball and then tagged a runner that was off-base, that runner is instantly 'Out' and the fielder need not maintain control of the ball after that. He can immediately throw the ball elsewhere, or even drop it, and the runner would still be out.

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Q: How long must a player hold onto a ball after he has tagged out a runner?
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In baseball if a ball is hit to first base and the first baseman grabs the ball in one hand and then touches the base with his glove on the hand that does not hold the ball is the runner out?

YES! Because it is a FORCE out and not a TAGGED out.

Can you tag the base with your bare hand with the ball in your glove?

The official rules state that a fielder need only hold a ball in his hand and touch a base. If the runner is forced to that base and the fielder touches the base while he is holding the ball, he is out. It does not say he has to step on the base. It just says he has to touch it. The runner, on the other hand, must be tagged with the hand that holds the ball.

If a player catches a fly ball and in attempting to throw it to hold a runner but drops the ball is this an error on the player and is the hitter awarded a hit?

If the fielder catches the ball and, during the motion of reaching into the glove to grab the ball to throw, the ball drops to the ground the batter is called out. As long as the fielder has complete control of the ball before attempting to throw, the umpire will call the batter out.

Can a volleyball player hold or lift or carry the ball?


Can you hold a player of the ball in netball?

no if u do u will get told off

Can a player hold the ball for more then three seconds with out dribbling?


Can you hold onto an opponent's jersey in football?

A defensive player may hold on to a ball carrier's jersey in an attempt to tackle him. However, if a defensive player holds on the the jersey of an offensive player who does not have the ball, that would be a penalty for holding. Likewise, if an offensive player holds on to a defensive player's jersey, that would also be called holding.

When a ball is hit to the third-baseman and a runner on third base attempts to score is the runner allowed to cross the base line and run on the infield to block the throw from third base to home?

Basically, a runner may take any path he desires when running between bases (other than home to first). If he UNINTENTIONALLY interferes with a thrown ball, he is NOT out and the ball continues to be in play.On the other hand, a runner may never INTENTIONALLY interfere with a fielder trying to throw the ball -- if he does so, he is out. This includes running in such a way as to INTENTIONALLY interfere with a ball that is thrown to home.Note that a throw MUST be made -- if the fielder holds on to the ball, he can NOT claim he WOULD have thrown home but for the runner. Otherwise the fielder would just hold onto the ball and then claim interference.There is no exact rule on how to decide a base runner's intent -- it's entirely the umpire's judgement."If a thrown ball hits a runner while running the bases, the runner is not out unless the umpire judges that the runner intentionally interfered, obstructed, hindered or confused the defense attempting to make a play.""A fielder starts to throw and stops because a runner is in his way but no contact is made and no intentional acts are made by the runner to cause interference. This is not interference because the runner did not interfere with a play in progress"

When is friction needed in football?

Whenever a player wants to move across the field, or hold on to the ball.

How do you hold the ball to get it to swing?

hold the ball with hand like a normal fas ball and the seam vertical

What does bunting mean in baseball?

Bunting is when you simply hold the bat out to contact the ball lightly instead of swinging. If one is bunting for a hit then they will wait a little longer to hold the bat out and then try to angle the ball down either the first or third base line. If one is performing a sacrifice bunt and is trying to move a runner to the next base then they will hold the bat out immediately and just make sure to contact the ball

What is a 5-seconds violation?

Different 5 second violations (1) on a throw in, a player has 5 seconds to throw in the ball (2) closely guarded, when the player with possession of the ball in their front court is closely guarded by a defensive player in a legal defensive position, the player can hold or dribble the ball for 4 seconds.

What does passing baseball mean?

Passing baseball means the catcher failed to hold or control a legally pitched ball. As a result of this loss of control, the batter or runner on base advances.

What is the difference between a sucker and a runner?

a runner is what goes along the ground and a sucker is what sticks to the runner to hold it down and the plant runs a long the ground.

How many seconds can a netball player hold the ball for?

On average, you can only hold the ball upto 3(three) seconds. In primary school games, the ball can sometimes be held upto 5(five) seconds but it all depends on the umpire in primary school games.

Can you tag the base with your bare hand with the ball in your glove hand?

MLB Rule 2.00 states:A TAG is the action of a fielder in touching a base with his body while holding the ball securely and firmly in his hand or gloveThus, if the ball is held "securely and firmly" in your glove when you touch the base with ANY part of your body -- even your hand or the bottom of your foot -- that would be considered a "tag."Rule 7.08(e) states:Any runner is out when --...(e) He fails to reach the next base before a fielder tags him or the base, after he has been forced to advance by reason of the batter becoming a runner.Thus, if a fielder tags the base the runner must advance to, prior to the runner reaching that base, that runner is out. And touching a base with your hand while holding the ball in your glove would be considered a tag of the base.Note, however, that tagging a player is different, as stated in Rule 2.00 :A TAG is the action of a fielder in ... touching a runner with the ball, or with his hand or glove holding the ball, while holding the ball securely and firmly in his hand or glove.Thus, although you can tag a BASE with the hand that does not hold the ball, you can only tag a RUNNER with the hand (or glove) that is holding the ball.

How long is a high school player allowed to hold the ball before having a clock violation?

24 seconds

How do you alley-oop in 2k12 for ps2?

hold L1 then press O.., when the player receive the ball press square. ;)

How do you handle the ball?

hold the ball tight in your hands once you get the ball.

How do you juggle the ball on FIFA 13?

LT + RB is the combination used in juggling the ball in fifa 13 where you have to consistently press and release the RB whereas continue to hold LT to see your player juggling the ball.

Does a base runner hold 2nd and 3rd bases?

No, he stands on them.

How much time does a team have to bring the ball from there back court to the front court?

In the game of basketball, the player has five seconds to bring the ball from the backcourt to the frontcourt. Additionally, each player cannot hold onto the ball for more than five seconds at a time, without passing.

How long can you hold a ball for in volley ball?

You cant hold the ball at all. It is classified as a carry and is a point for the other team. I hope this helped! YOU CAN ONLY HOLD IT WHEN YOY ARE GOING TO SERVE AND YOU CN HOLD IT FOR ONLY 8 SEC.

Does first baseman hold runner on with runners on first and 2nd?

The first baseman will in some cases. If the runner at first is a very important potential run with less than two outs, yes they will be held. Holding the runner on decreases the lead-off the runner has, so by holding the runner, the runner has longer to go to score. If there are two outs, the fielders will normally not hold the runner because if any out is recorded, the inning is over. In this case you want the fielder in the best position to get the out. In other cases, it is just the coach's philosophy.

Where is the play if there is 1 out with runners on 1ST base and 3RD base and the ball is hit to infield?

The third base runner is not forced to run in this situation so the play would be for the force out at second with a potential for a double play at first to end the half inning or a hold up at home to prevent the 3B runner from scoring.