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It depends on what level of Baseball or softball.

Major League: 90 ft.

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Q: How long is it inbeetween homebase and 1st base?
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What is the distance from base to base in high school baseball?

60' 60" from homebase to the pitcher's mound. 127' 3-3/8" from homebase to 2nd 90' from base to base (Home to 1st, 1st to 2nd, ect...)

How long is it from 1st base to home plate?

90 feet

When do you have to tag a base runner in baseball?

If there is a person on base, but there is no force (base runners on base from 3rd, 2nd to 1st, or just 1st)

Can you over run first base after being walked?

Yes you can, just the same as running out a base hit, as long as you do not make any move towards 2nd base you can "over run" 1st base

How long is it from first base to home base?

It depends on how your relationship goes. If she wats you to go from 1st to a Home run then you go to work on her. no wat i man?

When can a pitcher fake a throw to 1st base with only a runner on 1st?

as long as the pitcher is not on the pitching, rubber he can fake a throw to first, if he is on the rubber and does this, it is a bulk

In baseball what is the base after 1st base but before 3rd base?

2nd base...

What position plays near 1st base?

1st baseman (to the left and up and little), 2nd baseman (between 1st base and 2nd base), or right outfielder (to the left and back).

In softball if a runner on 3rd scores before a batter running to 1st is tagged instead of the fielder touching 1st base does the run count?

As long as it isn't the third out.

How far is it from 1st base to second base?

90 feet

How far from 1st base to 2nd base?

90 feet.

Where can a first base mitt be used?

Only at 1st base.

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