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it depends if youre on defense or attack and midfielder

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Q: How long is a mens lacrosse shaft?
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Can you use a womans lacrosse shaft in mens lacrosse?

no u cannot the ref will yell at u

How long is a lacrosse defense shaft?

the shaft itself is 60" long. With a head attached it is 6ft.

Is there a difference between men's and women's lacrosse goalie sticks?

no but girls usually use a 30" mens shaft

What is the difference between a long shaft and short shaft in lacrosse?

The long shaft is used in men's lacrosse, the defenders use the long shaft so that they can have an easy reach to an on coming opposing player. they use the shaft to check the opponent and cause them to drop the ball. The short shaft is used in men's and women's lacrosse, the short shaft is used for all the other positions, much easier to control

What is the worst lacrosse shaft?

the stx amp is the worst lacrosse shaft

Is mens lacrosse same as boys lacrosse?

For equipment Yes

What is the govering body of mens lacrosse?

Federation of International Lacrosse (FIL)

How long long can a boys lacrosse shaft be?

Mid/Attack: 30" Goalie: 40" Defense: 60"

How do you take off a lacrosse head from a lacrosse stick?

Normally the lacrosse head is screwed into the shaft. You can therefore use a screwdriver to unscrew the screw connecting the head to the shaft. once the screw is removed you will be able to remove the head from the lacrosse shaft

How long does a attack men lacrosse stick have to be?

The shaft alone minimum is 30 Inches and the Head + Shaft minimum is 40 inches!

What season does mens lacrosse play?


Can a lacrosse defensive shaft be shorter than 6 feet?

Yes, in men's lacrosse only two of the defensive shafts are long pole

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