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LeBron James has been playing in the NBA since the 2003-2004 season.

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Q: How long is Lebron's career of basketball?
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What is a good basketball team name?

The Mini Lebrons

What is one men's basketball shoe?

zoom lebrons IV

Name one mens basketball shoe?

lebrons ( they are very nice ) .

What is lebrons career high?

56 points against the raptors

How long is the average basketball player's career?

5 years is average in the NBA.

How long is the average basketball players career?

4-5 years

How long will it take to reach your career goal as a basketball player?

3 year

How long is a basketball career?

As of the 2007/2008 season the average NBA players experience which can be likened to their career length was 4.71 years.

Average PGA golfer career length?

The average career length is pretty long. This is because there are not as many injuries suffered in the sport as with football and basketball.

How many basketball players have a career playing basketball?

I would say a lot because you can make a lot of money playing basketball as a career.

What is lebrons avreage per game?

38.5 points in the series vs. the magic. 35.3 for the 2009 playoffs. 28.4 for the season. 27.5 for his career.

How long will it take to reach your career goal as basketball player?

To be proficient at anything, it takes 10,000 hours.

How can a Jamaican get a career in basketball?

how can a Jamaican get a job in basketball

How long has Kobe been playing basketball?

Kobe Bryant started his NBA Career in the 1996-1997 season.

How is basketball a career?

Basketball is a sporting career. In the NBA you play for a team and you play for money. The contract you get tells you how much you get a year.

What does Danny look like in the book travel team?

He is a ver short boy who has brown sleek hair and likes to wear nikes and LeBrons(: he also loves basketball

How did Christian Laettner began his career?

Christian Laettner began his career as an American former professional basketball player, entrepreneur, and a basketball coach. His career now is with the Jacksonville Giants as a coach.

What percentage of college basketball athletes have career ending injuries?

There is a decent portion of college basketball athletes that have a career-ending injury. It is estimated that at least 10 percent end their career this way.

What is Lebrons James Wingspan?

Kobe's is 6'11 and LeBrons is 7'0 so of coarse lebron is better

Who has the most blocks in their career in basketball?

Hakeem Olajuwan - 3830 blocks in his career

Who is number 43 in basketball?

At least one player to have worn jersey #43 is Grant Long, who played college basketball at Eastern Michigan and had a productive career with the Miami Heat, Atlanta Hawks, and Detroit Pistons.

What is lebrons favorite thing to do?

Well ,I think you should ask lebrons himself! Maybe Lebrons Nike shoes in hot sell. Maybe you can get some latest style Lebrons shoes at

Do you have to have an education to become a pro basketball player?

No, but pro teams will not sign anyone who is not at least old enough to have completed high school. LeBrons James was picked up right after high school and never went to college.

Who has the longest basketball career?

Robert Parish.

What was Shaquille O'Neal's career?

A professional basketball