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He was one

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Q: How long has Paul Hamm been a gymnast?
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How long has Mia Hamm been married?

After marrying and divorcing her high-school sweetheart, Mia Hamm married athlete Nomar Garciaparra on November 22, 2003. As of July in 2014, Hamm and Garciaparra have been married almost eleven years.

How long has Beth twiddle been a gymnast for?

since she was 7 yrs old

How long has Mia Hamm been playing soccer?

she has been playing soccer for 18 years and then retired to be with her family

How long as Mia Hamm been a soccer player?

She played for 18 years and she retired so she could have a family.

How long has Shawn Johnson been a gymnast?

She has been doing gymnastics since she was 3 years old. Shawn has been doing gymnastics since 1995.

How long will it take you to get your gymnastics skills back?

depends on how long you have been out of the sport. Paul Hamm quit gymnastics for a year or two then started again and things obviously went good for him. i have been out for 6 years after 9 years straight and once I'm on he equipment i slowly start to remember things. just make sure your strength and flexibility are up and you should do fine.

How long is the Datteln-Hamm-Kanal?

47.2 kilometers

How long has Paul Biya been president?


How long do Chinese gymnast train for the Olympics?

at least 16 hours

Does mia hamm still play soccer if she does where?

No Mia Hamm has retired long ago, she wanted a family life and she made a lot of money and fame.

How long has paul's boutique been running for?

since 1989.

How long has Chris Paul been in the NBA?

4 seasons

Is payson keeler a real gymnast?

no payson isn't a gymnast she studied ballet a long time none of them can do gymanastics they all have lots of stunt doubles

How long do you go to college to become an olympic gymnast?


How long did Mia Hamm use corrective shoes?

Since 1987

How long does it take to be a gymnast?

depends really.. it depends how much talent you have when it comes to being a gymnast. it can be from 1 year to possibly 3 years..maybe more.

How long has Paul Pierce been playing for the Celtics?

About three years...

How long has paul gray been with slipknot?

18 years Y

How long was Nadia Comฤƒneci famous for?

she was the first gymnast to get a 10 in the Olympics

Why does a gymnast need areobic endurance?

If a Gymnast has to hold a balance or a certain position for ages they need the strength to hold that position and not go off balance. Also if the performance is long or difficult the gymnast needs to be fit or have enough endurance to Carry out the performance

How long has Paul Pierce played in the NBA?

he has been in the NBA since 1998.

What 5 meter long aperatus coes a female gymnast use?

it is the beam

How many calories should a gymnast have?

For a female gymnast around 15 years old, about 2000-2400 calories, depending on her height, how much she currently weighs, and how long/intense her practices are.

How long did Mia Hamm prepare for a game?

she ran for 2 hours and practiced with her friends

Is mia hamm going to play on the US national team?

No she has retired long ago.