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he started playing at school at the age of 10 he is 29 (2011) therefore he played 19 years

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โˆ™ 2011-08-10 13:14:37
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Q: How long has Dan cater been playing rugby?
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How long has Daniel carter been playing rugby?

25 years

How long has sonny bill william' s been playing rugby?

for a while

How long has austin healey been around?

Well there can be a few answers to this if you mean when was he born that was 1973. If you mean when did he start playing rugby that was in 1990.

How much money in a year do rugby league players get?

Depends, how long you have been playing, your age, postion, who you play for, if you played any representives and your popularity.

How long have England rugby been playing the 6 nations?

The Six Nations started in 2000. England have been playing in it since then. Prior to that was the Five Nations, which started in 1910 and the Home Nations which started in 1883, both of which England were part of.

How long has Sam Thaiday been playing Rugby League?

On 11 July 2003, aged 18, he made his National Rugby League debut for the Brisbane Broncos against the Bulldogs in round 18 of the 2003 NRL season.

How long has rugby been invented?

It started in 1823

How long has ruben wiki been playing league for?

Ruben has been playing rugby league since he was 8 years old, he has played Professional since he was 20 years old for the Canberra Raiders, and retired at 35 years old for NZ Warriors......

How long has Shane Williams been playing rugby for wales?

Williams earned his first cap from the bench against France in 1999-2000 and has features in the squad since that date

How long has super rugby been going?

1800000 yrs\

How long has rugby league been around for?

It started in 1908.

How long rugby union been in Australia for?

The Rugby Union was created in 1895, so it would have existed for 116 years.

How long has Andy Murray been playing for?

how long has andy murray been playing tennis

How long has samba been playing?

samba has been playing since the 1920s

How long can't an international rugby union player play for another country after playing for a country?

a rugby union player can't play for another country after representing one country at senior level

How long have you been or you have been playing tennis. Which one is correct?

Both could be correct. One is a question - How long have you been playing tennis? One is a statement - You have been playing tennis.

How long has Mexico been playing soccer for?

Well, They Have been playing all there Life.

How long has Wayne Rooney been playing football for?

he has been playing for about 9 years

How long has rugby been around?

Rugby union started in the year 1823. This has been existed for almost 191 years. This was started when a boy in England picked up a ball and ran towards a goal line in a game of soccer.

How long have the Chicago Bears been playing football?

They have been playing since the 1920's.

How long has Allen Iverson been playing?

Allen Iverson been playing since,1996.

How long is a down in rugby?

There is no such thing as a down in rugby

How long has Logan Tom been playing?

She has been playing for USA national team since 1996.

How long has Allen Iverson been playing basketball?

Allen Iverson been playing since,1996.

How long has Gary Rossington been playing guitar?

As long as ive been doing your mom