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samba has been playing since the 1920s

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Q: How long has samba been playing?
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How long has the samba been going on?

It has been going on scince the 1920's

How long has Andy Murray been playing for?

how long has andy murray been playing tennis

What are some names for samba bands?

super samba samba samba samba stupid samba no i love samba

What is the part of an Agogo in a samba band?

it provides the structure of the piece you are playing :)

How long have you been or you have been playing tennis. Which one is correct?

Both could be correct. One is a question - How long have you been playing tennis? One is a statement - You have been playing tennis.

Can you play Samba on a keyboard?

Only if u know how to play Samba on the keyboard, you would need to practice for a long time!

How long has Mexico been playing soccer for?

Well, They Have been playing all there Life.

How long has Wayne Rooney been playing football for?

he has been playing for about 9 years

What are the different styles of samba?

there is mocalicho samba and grunton samba

How long have the Chicago Bears been playing football?

They have been playing since the 1920's.

How long has Allen Iverson been playing?

Allen Iverson been playing since,1996.

Where is samba?

Samba is Brazilian.

How long has Logan Tom been playing?

She has been playing for USA national team since 1996.

How long has Allen Iverson been playing basketball?

Allen Iverson been playing since,1996.

How long has Gary Rossington been playing guitar?

As long as ive been doing your mom

Rules for playing the card game Samba'?

type "samba rules" into your search engine bar. A large amount of hits answering this question will appear. Choose one and read it.

Who wrights samba?

samba bands

How long have you been playin soccer?

I have been playing for 15 years

Where music style come from samba?

Samba reggae, samba funk, and Pagode

How long were the angels playing basebal?

The Angels have been playing baseball since1846.

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How long has the NBA been Playing?

63 Years

How long have the spurs been playing basketball?


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For 39 years

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