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In 2011, Alex Rodriguez will be playing in his 18th season in the Major Leagues.

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Q: How long has Alex Rodriguez played Major League baseball?
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What Major League Baseball player made the most money in Major League Baseball history?

Alex Rodriguez

When will Alex Rodriguez play in the major league?

He has been playing major league baseball for 20 years?

What sport does Alex Rodriguez play for?

Major League Baseball.

Should Alex Rodriguez be banned from playing Major League Baseball?


Who is the best Major League Baseball catcher?

Ivan "pudge" Rodriguez. on the nationals

Which Major League Baseball players have worn number 13?

Alex Rodriguez.

What was the first Major League Baseball team that Ivan Rodriguez was on?

The Texas Rangers in 1991.

What was Alex Rodriguez's first Major League Baseball team?

Alex Rodriguez's first MLB team was the Seattle Mariners. He made his major league debut on July 8, 1994.

What sport does Alex Rodriguez play?

Major League Baseball.

How many major league baseball games are played within a year?

162 Major league baseball games are played during a year

How many years has Alex Rodriguez played baseball?

As of July 2014, Alex Rodriguez will have played baseball for a total of 20 years. He got his start in the major leagues with Seattle in 1994.

What Major League Baseball player has played for the most teams in Major League Baseball history?

Kenny lofton

What player makes the most money in Major League Baseball?

Alex Rodriguez. His 2009 salary was $33,000,000.

How many females have played Major League Baseball?

None, there has never been a female player in Major League baseball.

Did Michael Jordan play Major League Baseball?

No Michael Jordan did not play major league baseball, he played for the White Sox minor league

Who was Major League Baseball's MVP for 2005?

In the National League it was Albert Pujols of the St. Louis Cardinals and Alex Rodriguez in the American League on the New York Yankees

Most homeruns in an inning - Major League Baseball?

Alex rodriguez with 2 homeruns and 7 RBI's in 2009

Did women ever played Major League Baseball?

no but women did have there own major league baseball called the aapgbl it existed from 1943-1954

Was there ever a Major League Baseball manager who had never played in the Major League Baseball himself?

Jim Riggleman (Nationals 09,10 manager)

How many home runs did Alex Rodriguez hit in 2007?

In 2007, Alex Rodriguez hit 54 home runs, which led Major League Baseball.

Who is a major league player who played in the nba nfl and Major League Baseball?

Michael Jordan almost did he played Mlb, Nba, and golf!

Who played more major league baseball games Babe Ruth or hank arron?

Hank Aaron played in 3,213 major league games, while Babe Ruth played in 2,503 major league games.

When was the first inter league game played in Major League Baseball?


How many players from the 1995 Major League Baseball World Series are still playing in Major League Baseball?

None of the players that played in the '95 Major League Baseball World Series regardless of being from the National League Champion; Atlanta Braves or the Cleveland Indians are currently playing with any of the Major League Baseball teams in 2014.

Is major league baseball played in Sept.?