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Q: Will Alex Rodriguez still play even though he used steroids?
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Did Alex Rodriguez use steroids with the Yankees?


Who is the celebrity using steroids?

Alex Rodriguez

Did steroids help Alex Rodriguez?


What does Alex Rodriguez like to do?

Alex Rodriguez likes to play baseball take steroids and count his money

Has Alex Rodriguez taken steroids?

Yes. In February 2009, Alex Rodriguez admitted using steroids while he was a member of the Texas Rangers from 2001-2003.

What year did Alex Rodriguez take steroids?


Who was recently caught using steroids?

ALEX RODRIGUEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did Alex Rodriguez admit to using steroids?

Yes, he did. He admitted to it on national television.

When did Alex Rodriguez start taking steroids?

In 2001 while he was on the Texas Rangers.

Is Alex Rodriguez Dead?

No, Rodriguez is still alive.

Famous people on steroids?

Barry bonds {base ball player} was on steroids Alex Rodriguez {baseball player) just recently caught

What drug did baseball player Alex Rodriguez take?

Steroids and HGH (human growth hormone)

Do the Yankees take steroids?

No- Alex Rodriguez did for a very short time, but not while with the Yankees, so technically no.

Why did Alex Rodriguez use steroids?

So he could get stronger so he could hit baseballs farther.

What happened to Alex Rodriguez's career after taking steroids?

Not much changed, except he lost a lot of fans.

Is Alex Rodriguez still alive?


What Yankee players have been busted for steroids?

Jason Giambi, Alex Rodriguez, Andy Pettite, Roger Clemens

Who are some popular athletes who have taken steroids?

barry bonds, Mark mcguire, Rafeal Palmero, Alex Rodriguez

Did Alex Rodriguez ever use steroids illegally?

Yes he has admitted to using illegal substances banned by the mlb

Is Alex Rodriguez still playing for the Yankees?


Who are Alex Rodriguez's parents?

The parents of Alex Rodriguez are Victor and Lourdes Rodriguez.

What type of haircut does Alex Rodriguez have?

A fade - The "Yankees Special" though

Does Alex Rodriguez aka Arod take steroids?

A-Rod admitted using steroids early in his career. Whether he knew what he was taking or not at the time, he did admit to taking performance enhancing drugs.

What was Alex Rodriguez's biggest obstacle?

The Fact that he took steroids. Once its found out that your taking steroids you will lose huge popularity and will most likely not get into the hall of fame regardless of how good your numbers were.

Does Alex Rodriguez still play baseball player?


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