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Maybe five yeats

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โˆ™ 2014-06-04 22:14:17
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Q: How long does it take to string a lacrosse stick?
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How do you take extra string off a lacrosse stick?

You cut the extra string off

How do o string a lacrosse goalie net?

take your lacrosse net to a store

What is the penalty in lacrosse when you take your hand off your stick?


How do you stick check on lacrosse?

u usually take the stick/crosse, and hit ur opponent's glove or stick/crosse

Can you take a lacrosse stick in an overhead compartment on a plane?

it depends , they might consider it a weapon

How do you build a kite?

first. you get a straight stick about 1ft long then you get a straight stick about 3ft long then you get a piece of cloth about 2ft by 3ft and take string and tape and tie and tape the 2 sticks together and nail or tape the cloth to the cross and tie string to the end or the cross have fun.

How can you get rid of the hook in your lacrosse stick?

I would say the best way to make it not hook would be to string it so that the top half or third is tight (so string in every hole). next string the back half or so as loose as you want it (but make it deeper gradualy not all at once). if that does not work take it in to a proffecional and ask them to do it.

How do you steal a ball from a lacrosse stick in girls lacrosse?

you check the head of the stick fast and quick to create a release of the ball and take it while it's in the air or ground. Be careful not to hit them though so no slashing. :)

How do you lace shooting strings on your lacrosse stick?

well i know i take the string in half, loop it through the sidewall, take the top string down through the first hole, and the bottom string up through the same hole. (make sure that the string always go to the opposite side of the hole, example top string, left of the hole, bottom string right of the hole, next hole, top string right of the hole, bottom string, left of the hole,,, continue this process until u r done. hope this helped! =Þ Your best bet is to look at other completed stick heads and copy their methods. Many methods and variations to choose from .

How do you take off a lacrosse head from a lacrosse stick?

Normally the lacrosse head is screwed into the shaft. You can therefore use a screwdriver to unscrew the screw connecting the head to the shaft. once the screw is removed you will be able to remove the head from the lacrosse shaft

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Long answer: Rock candy is made by dissolving sugar in water and then placing a stick or string into the cup of sugar-water. As the watter evaporates, the sugar-water solution becomes supersaturated and the sugar begins to crystallize on the string or stick. short answer: your waiting for water to evaporate.

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