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the shooting string

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Q: Which lacrosse string is the top string?
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Can you use top string as sidewall in lacrosse?

Yes, there is no rule regarding that

Can you string your lacrosse stick at a warrior lacrosse store?

you can have them string it for you, and they have stringing kits that you can buy

How many strings can you have on a lacrosse stick?

there can be two sidewall strings, 1 top string, and 3 shooting strings

How do o string a lacrosse goalie net?

take your lacrosse net to a store

What supplies do you need to string a lacrosse head?

mesh, shooting strings, sidewall, and two other nylons for the top and bottom

How do you string an Iroquois lacrosse stick?

its pretty simple. I start with the side walls first and do those as usual except start with the top diamond on each side. This will give you about an inch gap and you can do the iriquois top string.

How do you string a lacrosse net?

Check out Youtube.

Where can you get your lacrosse head strung?

you can see the dancing girls who did in the Duke Lacrosse team. she can string you up! I string lacrosse heads you can shoot me an email at i do dyes mesh traditional, everything!

How do you take extra string off a lacrosse stick?

You cut the extra string off

How do you string a traditional lacrosse pocket?

I would try this website it helped me when i was trying to learn: If you need a visual demonstration I'd suggest looking up how to string a lacrosse stick on youtube

What is the best way to string a lacrosse net?

probably one string with a up-side down U or V shape for the pocket and a few straight ones up top for whip in your shot.

Which string is the top string on a guitar?

top as in thickest is the E on a 6 string ... heaviest top string on a 7 string guitar is a B

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