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Q: How long does it take to make a go kart?
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How do you make an engien go kart out of a pedal go kart?

DON'T! It is dangerous!

How can I build a Go Kart?

you go to and you buy the how to make your own go kart. Yooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you make a kart in Mario Kart on Wii?

you dont make a kart you go to grand prix or any racing place choose your character pick a kart and ready set go your done.

How do you make a go kart go faster?


What makes a electric go kart engine go?

is it obvious that the electricity will make the weals spin therefore pushing the kart

Is it possible to turn a go kart with no suspension into a go kart with suspension?

with torches and a welder, you can make it into a monster truck if u want

How do you make a Mario Kart channel?

first go to Mario kart channel in the game.then go down to the last selection and it will tell you if you want Mario kart A and then wait a few minutes and you will get Mario kart channel.

How do you make a solor powered go kart?

5 grand

How old do you have to be to drive a go kart around your neighborhood?

I work at a Go Kart Repair Shop and the current age limit to drive a go kart around a neighborhood area or similar scenario is 13 years of age. As long as you can drive the vehicle safely, you are good to drive a go kart. I hope this helped you in your needs.

How do you build a box car?

A box car or a go-kart is simple to make with some wood and four small wheels. If you want a motorized go-kart then it's more complicated but you can probably also make one if you are prepared to work on it. See the attached link for a basic go-kart.

Where can you drive your go kart?

At a go kart place

What kind of oil does a Briggs and straton 5hp go kart take?

the best would be to use 10w-30 synthetic oil all year long