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At a go kart place

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Q: Where can you drive your go kart?
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How old do you have to be to drive a go kart around your neighborhood?

I work at a Go Kart Repair Shop and the current age limit to drive a go kart around a neighborhood area or similar scenario is 13 years of age. As long as you can drive the vehicle safely, you are good to drive a go kart. I hope this helped you in your needs.

Can you drive a 4HP go kart on the street?

no because in order to be able to drive in the streets you have to have a licence and only if your go-kart is over 150 cc you can and you would have to go and get plates for it i have a shifter kart and i drive it on the street cause i have plates

Does the road rocket go kart on go kart usa a 2 wheel drive?

Yes it uses 2 wheel drive

Where can you drive go karts?

on a go kart track

How old do have to be to drive a go kart on the streets in Virginia?

No matter how old you are, there is virtually nowhere you are permitted to drive a Kart on the streets.

Do you have to get a go-kart insured to drive?

my friend used to have a go kart and he used to drive that up the road when it wasn't insured (but our road isn't very busy!!)

How old do you have to be to drive a Go Kart in California?

You have to be thirteen to drive in your neighborhood

Can you drive a go kart on the sidewalk?


Can you drive a go kart on a street?

You can, but it is not legal

Can you drive a go kart on your property?

yeah its your propity

Hold old do you have to be to drive a go kart?


Where can you drive y go kart?

On karting tracks

Were can you drive a go cart?

Kart ville or a olf course

Can you drive a go kart on the street?

Yes, but it's not legal

How do you go on ramps in Mario Kart wii?

you drive onto them.

Can you drive your go kart around your street?

You can, but it's illegal

Can 17 year-olds drive a go-kart?


How big do you have to be to drive a go kart?

13 for the fast ones

Can you drive a go kart in across a road?

no you will definetly get arrested

Is it illegal to drive a go kart on the side of the road in ny?

Yes it is illegal. You may not operate a go-kart on any public road or thoroughfare.

How do you make a solar powered go-kart?

Due to the inefficiencies in solar panel technology you likely could not create a direct feed go-kart which feeds solar power direct to an electrical motor to drive the kart. You would need to have solar panels set up to charge batteries and those batteries would then drive an electrical motor in a go kart.

How do you drive a go kart?

peddle and use the steering wheel easy

Can you drive a go kart in a neighborhood in Georgia?

No, not on the public street or sidewalk.

Do you need a commercial driver's license to drive passengers in go kart?


Does a kid or teen have to have a license to drive a go kart in your neighborhood?