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DON'T! It is dangerous!

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โˆ™ 2010-10-25 15:02:29
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Q: How do you make an engien go kart out of a pedal go kart?
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How do you make a kart in Mario Kart on Wii?

you dont make a kart you go to grand prix or any racing place choose your character pick a kart and ready set go your done.

How can I build a Go Kart?

you go to and you buy the how to make your own go kart. Yooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Plans to build a pedal powered go kart?

just use google i did and it turned out great :D

Origin of the go-kart?

Soldiers from the American Navy got bored and put a lawn mower engine on a sit 0on pedal kart. they were used while on tour in the uk.

What pedal in the car is pushed to make the car go faster?

The pedal in the car you push to go faster is the accelerator pedal.

How fast can kt-100 go kart go?

press the right pedal to go. left for brake. MAY BE THIS WILL HELP. GOD BLESS :-)

What is the best go kart for a 12 year old?

probably a pedal one from berg toys considering gas ones are illegal

What makes a electric go kart engine go?

is it obvious that the electricity will make the weals spin therefore pushing the kart

How do you make a go kart go faster?


Is it possible to turn a go kart with no suspension into a go kart with suspension?

with torches and a welder, you can make it into a monster truck if u want

How do you make a Mario Kart channel?

first go to Mario kart channel in the game.then go down to the last selection and it will tell you if you want Mario kart A and then wait a few minutes and you will get Mario kart channel.

Why does my truck keep overheating?

the thermostat migh be bad or your heater core is cloged wich wont let the water go from the engien to the raiteator which migh not cool the engien

How do you build a box car?

A box car or a go-kart is simple to make with some wood and four small wheels. If you want a motorized go-kart then it's more complicated but you can probably also make one if you are prepared to work on it. See the attached link for a basic go-kart.

How does the throttle on an electric go kart work?

most of the time your pedal position is linked into the motor controller which controlls how much current from the batteries makes it to the motor.

How do you make a solor powered go kart?

5 grand

What is a distance magnifier?

it make you go slower than you were going before like if you were on a bike if you pedal it make you go fast which is called distance double and if you dont pedal you it is called a distance magnifier.

How do you make a ko kart?

To build a go kart you need a flat wooden base, to which you can add wheels, a steering system and brakes.

Where can you drive your go kart?

At a go kart place

How do you get the set up to make your kart go faster on binweevil track three?

press (S) to make it go faster

How can one make an electric go kart?

It is quite difficult to make an electric go-kart as the wiring can be tricky to get right on such a basic machine. However, there are step-by-step instructions on the Instructables website, and video instructions on You Tube.

What is 1100cc on a go kart?

Its 1100cc on a go kart :D

How do you make the CPU go faster?

Press the pedal down harder.

What is the slowest cart on Mario Kart?

The slowest kart is the go kart

What stores sell go-kart tires?

go to a go kart store or ebay!

How do you make your kart go faster in toontown?

You cant. It's all about skill.