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Recreational Scuba divers only need to undertake a short course to be qualified (or "certified" using industry jargon). The certification process for a basic open water diver normally takes about 5-6 days.

Commercial divers usually undertake some kind of vocational training, but this is not usually done through a college or university.

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Q: How long does a scuba diver go to college?
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Why would a scuba diver go underwater?

Becasue if a SCUBA diver didn't go underwater, they really wouldn't be a SCUBA diver. SCUBA stands for Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus.

How deep can an advanced scuba diver go?

The maximum depth for a recreational scuba diver is 130 feet.

How does a scuba diver go up and down?

Scuba diver descends or ascends using proper buoyancy control by inflating/deflating his/her scuba BCD (Buoyancy Compensator device)

How deep can go scuba diver with breast implants?

Implants do not affect the ability of a diver to descend deep.

Why was the scuba diving suit invented?

So that the scuba diver could go more streamline in the water.

What is bucear in Spanish?

I think you mean BUSEAR, which means to go scuba diving. El buseo = scuba diving. Buseador = scuba diver.

How long does it take to become a certified scuba diver?

Contact local SCUBA or PADI for info or go to Cancun and pay $500 for a 3 day course to become certified

What is the deepest a scuba diver with open water certification can go?

60 feet

What sentence could you use the aqualung in?

Diver's use an aqualung when they go scuba diving.

What happens to a scuba diver who has surfaced too quickly?

They will get the "bends" and need then to go into a compression chamber.

What is scooter scuba diving?

"Scuba scooter" is usually just slang for a diver propulsion vehicle (or DPV). It is basically like a torpedo with handles that a diver can ride. It enable the diver to go further, faster and using less air (because she gets less tired from swimming).

How does a sea urchin protect themselves?

A sea urchin is covered with very long, quite sharp spines. I know a scuba diver who banged one with his knee and had to go in for surgery.

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