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You have ten (10) seconds to bring the ball past the half court line or you'll get called for a backcourt violation...

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Q: How long does a player have in the NBA to bring the ball across the half court line?
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In basketball what is the name of the player who bring the ball down the court?

The point guard.

How many seconds does a basketball player have to get the ball across the half court line?

8 seconds.

How much time does a team have to bring the ball from there back court to the front court?

In the game of basketball, the player has five seconds to bring the ball from the backcourt to the frontcourt. Additionally, each player cannot hold onto the ball for more than five seconds at a time, without passing.

What is over and back rule in basketball?

once a team crosses 1/2 court with the ball (towards the hoop they are shooting on) they may not bring the ball back across 1/2 court.

What a ball called hit diagonally across the court?

A ball hit diagonally across the court on a baseline ground stroke is called 'Crosscourt Shot'.

What should the officials do if a player from team A dribbles the ball into team B's court and then passes back in team A's court?

The officials would call a backcourt violation. It is illegal to bring the ball into the backcourt once the ball has passed the midcourt line.

What will happen when a tennis ball bounces across a court?

The opponent will hit it.

What is a back court violation?

A "Back Court Violation", sometimes called "over and back", occurs when an offensive player, while in control of the ball, crosses or touches the half court line only after the ball has been established in the "Front Court." The "Front Court" is a basketball team's offensive half of the court. The "Back Court" is a basketball team's defensive half of the court. After "in-bounding" the ball from or to the back court, dribbling the ball in the back court is allowed until the ball is established in the front court. The Ball is considered in the front court when a player controls the ball and both feet are past the half court line. Also, when a player is "Dribbling" from the "Back Court" to the "Front Court", the ball is not considered to be establish in the front court until both feet and the ball have entered the front court . Once the ball has been established in the "Front Court", an offensive player may play a ball in the back court only if a player on the defensive team controls, touches or knocks the ball in or to the back court otherwise it is a "Back Court Violation".

Which player serves the ball in volleyball?

Anyone that is on the court serves the ball.

What are 2 ways to advance the ball down the court in basketball?

A player can pass the ball to a player located further down the court or he can run while dribbling the ball. A player cannot move his feet while holding the ball.

How many seconds do you have to get the ball across the half court line?

10 seconds

When a soccer ball is headed from one player to player two across the soccer field what is the projectile?

soccer ball

What is cross court in tennis?

Cross court is quite literally hitting a ball diagonally across the court. When you hit a ball "cross court", you hit it to the opposite corner with reference to where you are standing. In contrast, hitting a ball "down the line" means hitting the ball straight in front of you.

In basketball if a player passes a ball to an opponent who is outside the court whose possession will it be next?

scine the other player was outta the court, it would the the opponents ball

When is a player allowed to hit the volleyball twice?

If the player hits the ball, and the ball is blocked, that player may hit the ball again. Similarly, if the player blocks a ball, but it lands on the player's side of the court, that same player may touch the ball again.

If the defensive team tips the ball away in the frontcourt but the offensive team tips it after that wo regaining possessionThen the offensive team recovers the ball in the backcourt. Who's ball?

There are several violations in basketball that are called back court violations:1) The offensive team has 8 seconds (NBA) or 10 seconds (college) to bring the ball from the back court to the front court after inbounding. If the offensive team cannot advance the ball from the back court to the front court in the time allotted, a back court violation is called.2) Once the offensive team brings the ball across the mid court line, they may not pass the ball to a teammate who is behind the mid court line. This is also commonly called an 'over and back violation'.3) Should an offensive player lose control of the ball in the front court, due to their own error, and the ball cross the mid court line back into the back court , the offensive team cannot regain possession of the ball without having a back court violation (over and back) called.

Can a player inbounding ball advance it down the court before another teammate touches the ball?

The player inboundin the ball can throw it all the way down the court, but someone else has to touch the ball once inbounded before the person inbounding the ball to touch it

How many player in basketball and volley ball games?

In basket ball there are 5 players playing on the court and in volleyball there are 6 players on the court. ;)

How many seconds do you have to bring the ball over mid-court in high school?

10 seconds

Can you rent a slamball court?

yes, I have before with alot of friends, and try to bring your own ball.

If a player inbounds the ball but does not come back on to the court is it a technical?


Can a dead ball be inbounded to the back court?

Yes, You can run all the way to the other end of the court and have the player pass you the ball without a violation.

Which player is usually the best ball-handler on the court?

The point guard is usually the best ball-handler.

What is a down ball in volleyball?

When a player jumps up and spikes a ball down on the other side of the court

What happens when a ball goes out of the court and back in in tennis?

did it hit the ground or not? if the ball gos across the line and another player hits it back in then the games keeps going, but of course if it hits the ground then the other team gets the point.